Straw Hat from One Piece Pirates have gone through a lot over their extensive journey. They have crossed perilous oceans and even taken control of an island that is suspended in the air. They are frequently sought after by the police since they aren't always thought of as decent individuals. Having said that, they are always looking death in the face. Since the series' ultimate goal is to establish them as the King of Pirates, they have encountered several difficult circumstances, which frequently result in life-or-death crises. Despite this, every crew member has had a close call with death at least once. Not all of them, though, may be regarded as honorable battle scars.

Despite being famed pirates in the universe of One Piece, the Straw Hat gang isn't always the brightest bunch on the high seas. At least, not all of them. The group is full of scumbags who make questionable life decisions. And occasionally these judgments have major consequences. Here are a few instances where the Straw Hat Pirates were on the verge of extinction due to dumb reasons.


Usopp Was Nearly Consumed By A Man-Eating Island Because He Was A Glutton

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There is a point in time when Bartholomew Kuma was separated the Straw Hat Pirates. This was during a time when Luffy had broken in and out of Impel Down, gone to Marineford, and held Ace during his dying moments. Despite being separated, the Straw Hat Pirates once again unite in heart and spirit after hearing of Luffy's loss. They unanimously agree to train for two years and get stronger. At that time, Usopp is sent to an island called Glinston. It's part of the Boin Archipelago and hosts a variety of dishes growing as plants. Because of that, it is also referred to as the Forest of Gluttony.

Like many others who have stepped into the island, Usopp succumbs to gluttony. He eats his heart out, enjoying every dish the island has to offer. Due to that behavior, the Straw Hat becomes morbidly obese. His size increases two to three times, which almost cost him his life. He attempts to escape the island after learning of Luffy's situation, but instead of running away, he is almost consumed by the island after it closes its petals. Usopp is forced to hold on for dear life, which obviously became an arduous task due to his weight. What's more ludicrous about Usopp's decision is that he isn't one to indulge himself with food on any other occasion. If it has been Luffy in his place, it would have been more understandable.


Luffy Nearly Died After Intentionally Consuming a Poisonous Fish

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Speaking of the gluttonous captain, Luffy has his own near-death experience due to his insatiable appetite. The incident occurred while the Straw Hat Pirates were on their way to save Sanji on Whole Cake Island. Without their cook, the pirate crew has been struggling with their rations. The usual suspects are tasked with catching their meal, and Luffy is the one who hooked out a giant fish. Being the glutton that he is, Luffy immediately digs in without checking what the fish is or even preparing it. He chomps on the fish's slimy skin and even offers it to Carrot. Just then, Chopper comes out and stops Luffy from causing any further chaos.

Chopper tells him that what he caught is a highly poisonous species of fish. The doctor also checks whether any other Straw Hat has already consumed the fish. Fortunately, only their irresponsible captain has done so. Chopper then added that Luffy's hard work isn't all for naught. The fish is completely edible as long as the skin is removed. Luffy doesn't immediately feel the poison's effect, adamantly telling Chopper that he is fine. But as time progresses, his condition worsens. It even gets to a point where he begins to hallucinate. In fact, Luffy would have already met his demise if Reiju did not happen to stumble upon them and suck the poison out of him.


Sanji's perversion almost gets him killed.

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Another Straw Hat member who had a very unforgettable moment during their two-year separation is the Straw Hat's onboard chef. Kuma sends Sanji to Kamabakka Queendom for his training. After all, Kamabakka Queendom is the home of New Kama Karate. The citizens of Kamabakka Queendom warmly welcome the Straw Hat, though they relentlessly attempt to awaken his inner maiden. While Sani managed to evade the horde of okamas relentlessly attacking him, they eventually catch up to him. Sanji only manages to snap out of his trance after reading what has happened in Marineford. At that moment, Sanji decides to take his training seriously. He regains his senses and begins to duke it out with the okamas on a daily basis. His hard work eventually pays off. When their scheduled meet-up has come, Sanji already knows how to use Sky Walk and Haki.

Unfortunately, he has also been deprived during his time at Kamabakka Queendom. Like Zoro, Sanji also has his own running gag. He suffers from a nosebleed after seeing a beautiful lady. His two years of training at Kamabakka Queendom have drastically exacerbated this problem. Sanji's blood cascades out of his nose the moment he sees the matured version of Robin and Nami. Given that their next destination is the homeland of the mermaids, it spells further doom for him. That's exactly what happened in Fish-Man Island. A mermaid named Ishilly hugs Sanji to hide the pirate from the Neptune brothers. With his head touching the mermaid's chest, the Straw Hat fails to contain his excitement, and lets out a gigantic nosebleed in the shape of a mermaid. He loses so much blood that he has to get numerous transfusions to survive.