As the story's main character and protagonist, Park Hyeong-seok inevitably plays the largest part in Netflix's anime adaptation of the well-known webcomic Lookism. However, without the assistance of one specific supporting character, he wouldn't have achieved nearly as much success as he did.

Lookism shows how Hyeong-life seok's altered after learning he could switch bodies with another body that was more aesthetically pleasing to the public. He is the most popular student during the day, but at night, when he is still in his natural form, bullies continue to harass him. Despite the fact that there aren't many characters that are eager to halt the bullying, one opens the door for change and the series' happy finale.


Lookism Gave Basco a Disputed Beginning to a Crucial Character

Lookism: Basco Is the Real Hero of the Story_0

Though Hyeong-seok's actions drive the change in the story, that change would have never happened without the efforts of Basco, one of the few popular guys in school who isn't a bully. Basco's introduction in Lookism sets him up as an adversary to Hyeong-seok, but not because he's a bad guy.

Basco misjudges Hyeong-seok before taking the time to really get to know him. He becomes especially aggressive toward Hyeong-seok when he believes the new kid is another bully in the school. Basco doesn't hide the fact that he hates any bullies and is willing to bloody his hands in order to protect those being taken advantage of or hurt. This is why he challenges Hyeong-seok to a fight in Episode 4.


Hyeong-seok Gets a Break Because to Basco's Integrity

Lookism: Basco Is the Real Hero of the Story_1

Basco, in Hyeong-opinion, seok's is a unique case. The main character has spent the majority of his life being bullied and subjected to abuse with no one to turn to for assistance. His mother decided to send him off to live on his own after it got to be too much so he could switch schools. He came to J High School in an effort to start again because of this. Unfortunately, because people keep treating him badly, Hyeong-seok loses faith that his life would ever improve.

When Hyeong-seok sees the difference in how people treat him -- based on his more attractive appearance -- he becomes complacent with the issue of bullying. He even starts becoming friends with the group who bullied him in his original body just because they are nice to him when he's in his fit body. After seeing Basco's example of using his power to protect bullied students, Hyeong-seok begins to do the same. It's also around this time in Lookism that Hyeong-seok begins to feel pride in himself regardless of what body he's in.


Despite Basco's initial judgment, he comes to realize the popular Hyeong-seok is no bully and they finally begin to work together. This alliance becomes crucial toward the end of the series when the main characters' hopes are dependent on the school festival's concert, where Hyeong-seok and Pyeon Deok-hwa make their debut. Without thinking, Hyeong-seok runs from the festival when he spots a familiar face and it almost leaves him beaten terribly. Thankfully, Basco arrives on the scene to back him up. Because of Basco's support, Hyeong-seok remains unharmed and he's able to amaze everyone with his and Deok-hwa's incredible musical talents.

Though Hyeong-seok and Deok-hwa are the ones given recognition on stage, it was Basco's efforts that led them to their happy ending. He saved Hyeong-seok from being beaten up just moments before the concert began and all along served as a force against bullying, paving the way for the main characters who were held back by the ugliest characters.