The series' many different clans are one of the most intriguing aspects of the Naruto franchise. Each clan has its own distinct jutsu, culture, history, and traditions, but the Uzumaki clan is one of the most fascinating. Naruto, the series' titular character, is a member of this intriguing clan, but due to the horrific Uzumaki clan massacre, it appears that Naruto may be the only surviving Uzumaki.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues the focus on what each clan brings to Konohakagure and the Land of Fire. The Uzumaki clan's numbers begin to grow again with Naruto's marriage to Hinata and the birth of their two children, Boruto and Himawari. Given the clan's history, one has to wonder if simply being an Uzumaki puts Naruto and his children in danger. Even before Naruto was born, the Uzumaki clan was one of the unluckiest in the Naruto world. So, let's look at the Uzumaki clan's special abilities and how they led to their demise.


The History of the Uzumaki Clan

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The Uzumaki clan is descended from the Uzushiogakure village. The village was also known as the Land of Whirlpools, and its symbol is a spiral known as the Uzumaki emblem. The Uzumaki clan, like the Senju clan, is descended from Asura Otsutsuki. Direct descendants of this clan are frequently born with red hair, identifying their chakra and abilities as Uzumaki.

With the Senju clan being one of the founders of the Konohagakure and also a distant relative to the Uzumaki clan, both clans became partners, which made the Uzushiogakure ally itself to Konohagakure. Both clans eventually married into one another to further strengthen their bond. The most famous example of this is the marriage between Hashirama Senju and Uzumaki Mito. This link continued to grow over time, to the extent that the Uzumaki emblem would be adopted as the logo on Konoha’s Shinobi Jacket. The most prominent red-haired and, therefore, "undiluted" descendants of the Uzumaki clan are Mito, Kushina, Karin, Nagato and Ashina Uzumaki, the previous clan leader.


The Powers of the Uzumaki Clan

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The Uzumaki clan possesses the most formidable fuinjutsu (Sealing Jutsu). In fact, they are considered to be the originators of most of the fuinjutsu used in Konoha thanks to Ashina Uzumaki. Ashina was able to easily seal a tailed beast away with just a few hand signs. Among the clan's other formidable fuinjutsu users is also the Reaper Death Seal, which summons the Shinigami (Death God). During Hashirama’s era, a mask storage temple was built on the outskirts of Konoha for when the land was in need of such power -- though the fuinjustsu abilities they hold remain unrevealed.

The Uzumaki clan was known as the clan of longevity, which explains why their members have a very strong life force and live longer than the average shinobi. Mito Uzumaki, for example, survived the reigns of Hashirama and Tobirama as Hokages until the reign of the Third Hokage, when Kushina was to be appointed as the next Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Even after the tailed beast was extracted from Mito, she lived for a long time, albeit weakened. In Kushina's case, her powers allowed her to fight and subdue the Nine-Tails. If the tailed beast was extracted from a normal shinobi, they would perish instantly.

All the Uzumaki shown in both Naruto and Boruto are very powerful, owing to a very strong bloodline and massive chakra reserves. Mito and Kushina Uzumaki were known to possess immense chakras capable of suppressing a tailed beast, which was the actual reason as to why they became the Nine-Tails jinchuriki. Naruto Uzumaki, a descendant of the clan, although not a red-head, inherited their immense chakra and naturally fast-healing. His current huge chakra reserve level is unknown according to the data in the Boruto manga. Some of the clan members have even been able to manifest Adamantine Chains from their body, capable of suppressing anything, no matter how huge it is.


The Massacre of the Uzumaki Clan

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Due to the formidable powers possessed by this clan and their ability to seal anything -- ranging from chakras to living and non-living things -- the other villages loathed and feared them, with the exception of Konoha. This was despite them never using their powers for evil. To this end, the other villages secretly planned to annihilate what they perceived as a latent threat to their existence, leading to the clan and its village to be destroyed before Konoha could come to their rescue.

The only survivors who remained at Naruto's beginning were those who were not in the village when this tragic event occurred. Even then, none of these survivors considered seeking retribution, most likely because they were kind enough to forgive the other villages; in stark contrast to how Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan wanted the world to "know pain" in retaliation for the other villages using the Hidden Rain village as a battleground.

The Uzumaki’s destruction could, as well, be attributed to the power-thirst of the villages who deemed them as a threat. Even after their destruction, war never stopped as at least one village always desires to be the best over the others. Although the villages involved in this gruesome act hid their power-hungry natures under the excuse that destroying Uzushiogakure saved the world from danger, it's still obvious that each of them desired to be a formidable and world-ruling village. But with the reign of Naruto as the Hokage in Boruto, the clan has had a chance to heal from the past and begin anew.