Naruto, and by extension, Naruto Shippuden, is one of the most popular and well-liked franchises of this generation. This manga-based anime series has won the hearts of viewers like no other, with fans returning time and again for wisdom and comfort.


Madara Uchiha, who rises from the dead to fulfil his lifelong dream of conquering the entire world, is one of the series' main antagonists near the end. Madara, the Uchiha Clan's torchbearer and the epitome of their superiority complex, only ever lost to Hashirama Senju, one of Konohagakure's former Hokage. He was wise, powerful, and had a lot to say.

Updated by Lauren Turner on March 4, 2023: In Naruto, Madara Uchiha is a captivating antagonist. While he is a shinobi villain, he is quite wise and makes some insightful remarks throughout the series. Fans of Naruto will want to know more about Madara's best quotes, so we've updated this list with new information.

"Wherever There Is Light — There Are Always Shadows."

Episode 344 of Naruto Shippuden, "Obito And Madara"

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In this world, wherever there is light, there are always shadows. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist. The selfish desire for peace gives rise to war. And hatred is born in order to protect love. — Madara Uchiha.

Madara Uchiha was hungry for power and wanted to take over the entire world and make everyone kneel before him. However, along with his thirst for strength, Madara was also wise enough to know that to gain something, one has to lose something.

"Wake Up To Reality!"

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 344, "Obito And Madara"

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Wake up to reality. Nothing ever goes as planned in this world. The longer you live, the more you realize that only pain, suffering, and futility exist in this reality. — Madara Uchiha.


Madara Uchiha, a formidable rival to Hashirama Senju in his prime, was best friends with Hashirama, who went on to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. His best-laid plans fell through as his and Hashirama's differences grew, leading them down separate paths. He suffered greatly in order to realise his dreams, which did not come true even after his reincarnation.

"You Are Merely A Momentary Life."

Naruto Manga, Chapter 568, Page 8

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Nine-Tails, you are merely a momentary life, a temporary existence of coalesced that once was a single, ultimate form! — Madara Uchiha.

Kurama, also known as Nine-Tails, was imprisoned within Naruto Uzumaki's mind. During the Fourth Ninja World War, Naruto faced Madara and fought him with all of his powers. Madara, being the powerful ninja that he was, communicated with Nine-Tails, who was partly the source of Naruto's powers, attempting to get into his head with a strongly worded truth in order to ensure Naruto's failure in his endeavours.

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