Throughout Naruto, Kakashi Hatake has acquired a number of very well-known insults. He goes by the moniker Kakashi the Copy Ninja. Some refer to him as Sharingan Kakashi. Names like these were given to him because of his Sharingan eye, which is a gift reserved for Uchiha clansmen.

The tale of how Kakashi acquired his famed Sharingan is one that other ninjas may not be as familiar with. already the majority of the attendees have already passed away, he is probably not going to give that information unless specifically asked. Regarding the viewers, the Kakashi Chronicles revealed the truth about this eye.


What's Kaakshi's Sharingan Eye's Backstory?

A young Kakashi had his original left eye cut out by an enemy Stone ninja while he was protecting his teammate Obito; this is also how he got the scar running vertically along his eye. At around this same time, Obito unlocked his Sharingan, used it to kill their enemy, and saved them both. However, just because Kakashi was missing an eye didn't mean Obito would simply lend him one of his. For the time being, he would have to continue the mission with the left side of his face bandaged up.

Obito gave his eye to Kakashi for three reasons. First, he wanted to make up for not giving Kakashi a gift for becoming a Jonin. Second, his body was crushed by a falling rock and he presumed himself to be dying, so he'd have no further use for his eye. Third, and most thankfully, it was his left eye that was spared and the one Kakashi needed, so it worked out. Under these conditions, Rin managed to use medical ninjutsu to swap the boys' left eyes, thus giving Kakashi his famous Sharingan.

Obito's Sharingan would go on to provide Kakashi with a slew of new abilities. It allowed him to copy the ninjutsu of almost any opponent, hence the Copy Ninja moniker. He was also able to see a little bit into the future, so he could even complete the enemy's jutsu before they could. Its enhanced vision also allowed him to properly use his Chidori and, later, Lightning Blade as it helped him handle the overwhelming speed and resulting tunnel vision associated with these attacks. Later in life, Kakashi learned to use the Kamui technique just like Obito, though he wasn't quite as proficient with it. He also learned to access the Susano'o during the final battle with Kaguya. For a non-Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake certainly did a lot to earn the name Kakashi of the Sharingan.


Why does Kakashi not always use his sharingan to observe?

Kakashi's Sharingan eye is completely functional, yet he frequently conceals it. His chakra supplies are severely depleted by the eye, which can cause him to quickly get worn out. He also appears to be unable to turn it off. It's ideal for him to keep his eye covered to save energy unless he's engaged in a major conflict.

Naturally, the majority of these skills were lost when Kakashi lost the Sharingan at the end of the series. But at least he still had all the methods he had stolen. Whatever the case, the eye propelled him forward in his ninja career, and he rose to become one of the best in Hidden Leaf Village. Even after losing an eye, he was still able to ascend to Hokage. Even though Obito is no longer with us, the renowned ninja he helped build continues to carry on his legacy.

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