Naruto stands out as one of the most acclaimed shonen anime series, and Kishimoto crafted a masterpiece that unfolded into an epic ninja saga over multiple years. The narrative introduced a plethora of characters, many of whom achieved legendary status in pop culture, contributing to the series' enduring popularity. From the titular protagonist to his rivals and the diverse array of personalities in between, Naruto boasts an expansive cast.

Within this ensemble, certain characters exhibit extraordinary power, showcasing their strength repeatedly to the delight of fans. However, amidst those who rightfully enjoy victories, there exists a subset of ninja who, despite possessing immense power, seemingly fail to make a significant impact. It's truly perplexing to consider that some of Naruto's most formidable characters have never emerged victorious in a single on-screen battle.



She's The Fourth Hokage... And Doesn't Win Anything.


Tsunade undeniably stands out as one of the most physically powerful characters in the Naruto series. Her sheer strength is evident in the ability to crack the ground and shatter rocks effortlessly with a single punch. This formidable power, combined with her composed demeanor, played a pivotal role in her selection as the new Hokage following the Third's passing.

However, despite her impressive credentials, fans have observed an intriguing pattern: Tsunade never emerges victorious in a single battle throughout the series. Notably, she experiences one of the most humiliating defeats in the entire narrative when, along with the other Kage, she falls victim to Madara in a brutal encounter. This moment becomes one of the series' most graphic and intense, showcasing Tsunade's vulnerability despite her overwhelming physical prowess.


The First Wielder Of Chakra Is Introduced And Taken Down In A Flash


The introduction of Kaguya is widely regarded as one of the most controversial moments in the final arc of Naruto. At a point where Madara is firmly established as a formidable villain, Black Zetsu's betrayal reveals a surprising twist – Madara was merely a tool being manipulated by Black Zetsu to revive Kaguya, the Mother of all Shinobi.

Critics argue that Kaguya's inclusion in the storyline feels unnecessary and diminishes the significance of Madara as a potential final antagonist. Additionally, her sudden emergence undermines the established lore, as she is portrayed as the first shinobi in history. While Kaguya does push Naruto and Sasuke to their limits, the duo ultimately manages to seal the goddess, with some assistance from Sakura. This twist in the narrative has sparked debate among fans about its impact on the overall coherence and satisfaction of the series' conclusion.


Can't Stop Obito From Stealing Nagato's Rinnegan


Konan's unique paper-based abilities make her a formidable and intriguing character, seemingly a force to be reckoned with. However, she finds herself in the shadow of Nagato, a recurring theme for many women in the series. Critics often lament the perceived weakness in Kishimoto's portrayal of female characters, which they argue deprives fans of compelling moments and a more positive and competent representation of women in the narrative.

Konan takes it upon herself to safeguard Nagato's grave, honoring his sacrifice for the people of Konoha. When Obito seeks the Rinnegan, she engages in a spectacular and intense battle, fighting to the death. Despite her valiant efforts, Konan ultimately succumbs to defeat, falling short in her mission to prevent Nagato's powers from being misused by malevolent forces. This outcome adds to the broader conversation about the treatment of female characters in the series and their narrative roles.

Anko Mitarashi

Her Relevancy Declines After Orochimaru Is Replaced By Other, Bigger Threats


Anko's introduction in the Chunin arc brings a riveting layer to the narrative, particularly when her ties to Orochimaru as one of his test subjects are unveiled. However, her character becomes a poignant example of the challenges that arise when a story introduces too many characters.

As Naruto progresses to more significant plotlines, Anko's presence becomes conspicuously absent. Despite her initial intrigue, she fades into the background, and fans are left wanting as she barely contributes to later arcs. Anko's character, once entangled in Orochimaru's dark experiments, fails to realize its potential as she is not given the opportunity to engage in a meaningful battle, let alone secure a victory. This narrative neglect of Anko serves as a reflection of the difficulties in maintaining and developing a multitude of characters within a complex plot.


All His Stolen Sharingan Couldn't Stop Him From Being Finished By Sasuke


Danzo stands out as one of the most nefarious characters in the Naruto series, driven by a single-minded pursuit of power that leads him to manipulate politics and disregard public responsibility. His ruthlessness is particularly evident in his dealings with the Uchiha, advocating for the extermination of the entire clan and conducting secret experiments to replicate the power of the Sharingan.

Given the severity of his actions against the Uchiha, many anticipated a more formidable resistance when facing Sasuke. However, despite his use of Izanagi and attempting to seal Sasuke with his own body, Danzo falls short of presenting a substantial challenge to Sasuke. In the end, Danzo meets a rather pathetic demise, unable to leverage even the rewriting of life itself to gain an advantage against Sasuke. This outcome adds to the overall condemnation of Danzo's character, highlighting the limitations of his pursuit of power.


Arguably The Most Unremarkable Character In The Entire Series


Tenten emerges as one of the most forgettable characters in the Naruto series, and her lack of significant development is indeed notable. Kishimoto has faced criticism for what some perceive as shortcomings in his portrayal of female characters, and Tenten's character is often cited as an example.

Despite being a weapons expert, Tenten struggles to make a lasting impression in a narrative that increasingly prioritizes ninjutsu and unique abilities. This shift in focus marginalizes Tenten's proficiency with ninja tools and weaponry, rendering her powers seemingly obsolete. After a humiliating defeat by Temari during the Chunin Exams, Tenten is relegated to the background without any subsequent opportunities to showcase her skills or shine in the spotlight. Her presence in the series becomes more functional than impactful, contributing to the broader critique of how certain characters, particularly female ones, were handled in Naruto.



Release Date October 2, 2002
Genres Animation, Action, Adventure
Studio Pierrot
Creator Masashi Kishimoto