In My Hero Academia, things have gone from bad to worse. Neito Monoma's focus has been disrupted by Himiko Toga's Twice clones invading the UA battlefront; without his replica of Eraserhead's Erasure Quirk, Shigaraki has seriously damaged the flying fortress and brought it crashing down to Earth. All of this appears horrible, but it also offers a chance.

Now that Monoma is in close proximity to a Twice replica, it begs the question of whether he is capable of duplicating his Quirk. Or, it may just indicate that he would be imitating Toga's quirk. Understanding all of the relevant Quirks will be necessary to solve this problem.

What's the Process of Monoma's Copy Quirk?

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Copy is Monoma's quirk. He has the ability to mimic the quirk of those with whom he comes into contact. Because of this, some fans have theorized that he could be able to imitate one of the Twice Clones' Double Quirks. In that case, he may begin to grow infinitely to assist fight the army of Twice clones that were also growing infinitely.

However, it might not be Twice's Quirk that Monoma ends up copying. He could end up with Toga's Transform ability instead. If he did, then he wouldn't be able to transform into Twice at all.

Monoma's Quirk is virtually useless when it comes to accumulation-type Quirks. He can copy the Quirk, but he can't use abilities that require time, energy buildup, or power to use to their fullest potential. In the case of Transform, he should theoretically be able to turn into Twice and use his Double Quirk, but only if he's met the prerequisite of ingesting some of his blood; that's the activation condition for Transform. Since Toga drank the last of Twice's blood, Monoma shouldn't be able to turn into Twice or use his Quirk.


This is only possible if Monoma is able to duplicate several Quirks that originate from the same source. When he attempted to imitate One For All, this seemed to be disproved, but it might not have been. One For All's strength, which was developed and passed down through nine generations, was the one thing specifically that he failed to duplicate. He might have imitated one of the other One For All-related quirks without considering putting it to use. He might wind up replicating Transform and Double if he gave that any attention and attempted to do so with Toga's Twice clone.

However, it's highly unlikely that Monoma will be able to duplicate Twice's Quirk. He could imitate Toga's quirk, but unless he soon acquired a taste for blood, it wouldn't be much use to him. Given the current situation, the Heroes will likely need to find another strategy to defeat the Twice army.