It's now rare for anyone in My Hero Academia's universe to be born without a Quirk. Several Quirks are powerful and useful, giving birth to Pro Heroes many characters look up to. Some of these Quirks are strange and interesting like explosive sweat, elbows that dispense tape, and a navel laser. However, not all Quirk users use their powers for good.


Some people, for one reason or another, turned away from the rest of society and the typical hero-worship culture. These evil individuals have various odd Quirks as well. Many villains don't fit in with "normal" society, and a lot of the time their Quirks reflect that as well.

Updated on May 9th, 2023: My Hero Academia features some of the rarest abilities in anime. Fans are fascinated and excited by the unique abilities of both heroes and villains. And, while spectators like seeing the heroes do their best moves, the villains frequently steal the show with their extraordinary talents. MHA has entered its final arc, and various Quirks have evolved since the beginning of the show.

Gentle Criminal

Quirk: Elasticity

Gentle Criminal is a default villain who chose a life of crime after failing as a hero. Gentle Criminal, feeling dejected and alone, began uploading his little offenses online in order to force the public to identify him. Unfortunately, his plans are as bizarre as his Quirk, Elasticity. Gentle has the remarkable ability to make anything he touches stretchy, including air.

No other villain, or MHA character, has demonstrated a similar skill. Gentle uses his Quirk well in his duel with Deku, nearly overpowering the youthful hero in training. Though most fans think of Gentle Criminal as a joke, his one-of-a-kind Quirk can produce flexible air, which few villains can claim.


Quirk: Warp Gate

Kurogiri is a High-End Nomu that was created as a result of one of Dr. Kyudai Garaki's many experiments. He was once Oboro Shirakumo, a U.A. High Pro Hero in training. Dr. Garaki despicably utilized Oboro's corpse to reanimate his Quirk and create Kurogiri after he sadly died during his work-study program.

Kurogiri's Warp Gate Quirk lets him to emit a dark fog that transports anything in its path. Kurogiri has perfect command of this strange dense stuff. He can not only give several portals, but also various exit paths.


Quirk: Double

Twice could not only make clones of himself, but he could also make duplicates of anything. In order for it to function, he required an exact mental representation, complete with measurements - the more information, the better. He maintained measuring tape in his wrists to make an exact reproduction, but once he succeeded, his doubles were nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

The disadvantages of his Quirk were that the doubles had a certain level of autonomy and frequently disagreed amongst themselves; they were also not particularly durable and melted away after a certain amount of damage. Nonetheless, Twice's Quirk was quite fantastic. What really set this Quirk apart was the fact that it could've effectively turned Twice into a one-man army, as witnessed with his Sad Man Parade. Twice could have single-handedly crushed the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War if he hadn't been stopped by Hawks.

Shigaraki Tomura

Quirk: Decay

Shigaraki is the League of Villains' leader and All For One's apprentice. Shigaraki's primary purpose is to destroy everything and reconstruct society in his image of justice. His Decay Quirk is perfectly suited to his malicious intentions. Shigaraki can demolish anything he wants with Decay.

Shigaraki no longer needs to touch his target since his awakening - a horrifying improvement that claimed many lives during the Paranormal Liberation Front War. The destructibility of decay is unprecedented. Shigaraki would be unstoppable if it weren't for Eraser Head's Erasure Quirk.

Chisaki Kai

Quirk: Overhaul

Chisaki Kai, also known as Overhaul, possesses a Quirk similar to Shigaraki's, except that Overhaul can repair and disassemble everything he touches. Overhaul has an immensely powerful Quirk. His Quirk enables him to heal persons, murder people and rapidly bring them back to life, disassemble objects or people and rearrange them as he sees fit, and combine with other people, granting him the capacity to employ other Quirks.

His Quirk is absurdly powerful, granting him unlimited influence over his environment and allowing him to create battlefields to his favor. Overhaul's powers were unparalleled, and in the end, his vanity and arrogance proved to be his undoing.


Quirk: Transform

Toga may adopt anyone's identity after ingesting their blood with Transform. Her blood consumption dictates how long she may remain "transformed." Most people are put off by Toga's vampiric character. Though drinking blood is required for her Quirk to activate, Toga derives sick pleasure from hurting others and watching them bleed - she enters a disturbing euphoric state when drinking blood.

Toga's Quirk was activated during her combat with Curious. She can no longer simply shift into other people, but she can also use their quirks. Toga is now a bizarre adversary who will undoubtedly cause problems for the heroes in the last arc.


Quirk: Bloodcurdle

The Hero Killer: Stain is one of the most perilous villains to emerge since the debut of All Might as a hero. He's used his skillful use of his Quirk, strong martial arts prowess, and bloodlust to murder or permanently injure more than 30 Pro Heroes. With Bloodcurdle, Stain can immobilize an enemy for up to 8 minutes after consuming a sample of their blood.

The length of this immobility, however, is determined by the person's blood type. Bloodtype O suffers the least, whilst Bloodtype B suffers a full 8 minutes of immobility. Stain is an incredibly tough opponent because of his steadfast convictions, desire to rid hero society of imposters, and special quirk.


Quirk: Magnetism

Prior to her quick demise at the hands of Overhaul, Mange was a former member of the League of Villains. She could magnetize other people as long as they were within a 4.5 meter radius thanks to her quirk magnetism. She could magnetize a person's entire body, or just a few specific areas, and utilize it to partially control their movement.

Men's magnetism was polarized south, whereas women's magnetism was polarized north. Mange also carried a powerful magnet that she used to drag distant targets into her path. She had the power to repel individuals, sending them flying off at high speeds.

Atsuhiro Sako

Quirk: Compress

Mr. Compress is able to compress anything that falls within a specified range into a tiny, light marble because to a very special quirk. The Quirk makes a perfect victim for theft or kidnapping because it makes the victim helpless and is simple to conceal and transport.

Mr. Compress has the ability to severely mutilate a target by merely compressing a small portion of their body while leaving the rest unaffected. By snapping his fingers, he can release every marble, much like in a magic trick.


Quirk: All For One

All For One is arguably the rarest and most powerful Quirk possessed by any villain in My Hero Academia. This Quirk so thoroughly defines its bearer that he's taken it as his name. All For One's Quirk lets him steal Quirks from other people and use them as though they were his own. He can even distribute them among other individuals and rudely hands them out like gifts.

All For One has the power to forcibly activate other people's Quirks. The Quirk One For All was born out of this. It started when All For One gifted his younger sibling a power-storing Quirk. One For All is the sole quirk that can vanquish the seemingly unstoppable All For One quirk.