• In the world of My Hero Academia, hero families have a strong influence, but non-hero families can also join the hero scene.
  • The strength of a family in the hero rankings depends on the combined power of its members.
  • The Todoroki family is considered the strongest family in My Hero Academia, with powerful quirks and the No. 1 Hero as a member.

With the advent of supernatural powers and the birth of hero society, heroes quickly rose to power and cemented themselves as society’s peacekeepers. As generations passed, heroes formed their legacies and passed along their familial name. However, today’s heroes aren’t bound to their legacies, nor are non-hero families barred from joining the Pro Hero scene, blurring the lines between hero and non-hero families.


Todoroki has been fortunate to have friendships and interactions with these individuals despite his icy personality.

Nevertheless, some families still hold considerable power, either due to social influence or a high position within the hero world. However, the final determining factor of a family’s strength is the cumulative power of its members, meaning those that rank high among the Hero Rankings are bound to be stronger.

7 Jiro Family

  • Notable Members: Kyoka Jiro

The Jiro family initially had no dealings in the hero business, though that narrative changed after Kyoka Jiro, also known as Earphone Jack, joined U.A. High to become an aspiring hero. Kyoka’s mother, Mika Jiro, possesses the same quirk as her, yet she ventured into music instead of becoming a hero.

As Kyoka is the only member of the family with offensive capabilities, the Jiro family is rather weak overall. Even as a hero, Kyoka isn’t exactly the strongest of the bunch, making the Jiro family one of the weakest in My Hero Academia.

6 Asui Family

  • Notable Members: Tsuyu Asui

The Asui family is populated by heteromorphs, with every single member possessing the same quirk – Frog. Tsuyu Asui is the strongest member, as she was the first of her family to enroll in a hero school. She has honed her skills for combat and has proven herself in terms of standing her ground against multiple villains.

However, the Asui’s family offensive capabilities end at Tsuyu as her parents and two younger siblings are not adept at using their powers. Despite every single member possessing a quirk, none of them trained for combat, deeming the Asui family weaker than the rest.

5 Bakugo Family

  • Notable Members: Katsuki Bakugo

The Bakugo family is carried by Katsuki Bakugo, the sole member of the family to enroll in a hero school. As one of the star students of U.A. High’s Class 1-A, Katsuki Bakugo boasts an extremely powerful quirk, and his mastery over it deems him an exceptional aspiring hero.

Katsuki’s mother, Mitsuki Bakugo, also possesses the same quirk, though she never ventured into the Hero scene. While her quirk may lend her incredible strength, the lack of development of her quirk deems her quite weak. However, Katsuki’s strength alone is enough to keep the Bakugo family’s name among some of the strongest.

4 Takami Family

  • Notable Members: Hawks

The Takami family has a muddled history, and the only redeeming member is Keigo Takami, popularly known by his Hero name Hawks. However, his father was a fugitive on the run and his mother was forced to become an accomplice to the crook.

Despite these tragic beginnings, the family itself is quite powerful, primarily due to Hawk’s position as the No. 2 Hero. His mother also possesses a novel quirk, giving her two extra eyeballs that she can control, serving as her personal surveillance cameras. Overall, the Takami family has redeemed itself and has risen as a powerful family.

3 Ida Family

  • Notable Members: Tenya Ida, Tensei Ida

The Ida family is a prestigious name within the world of heroics, as this family has produced heroes for the past few generations. Their legacy is associated with the quirk passed down through generations – Engine. While most members of the family have gone into the hero business, only Tenya and his brother, Tensei Ida, have been revealed in the series.

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Tensei had already become a Pro Hero, though he was crippled by Stain eventually. Tenya is now the only known active member of the Ida family. However, the Ida family’s name in the field of heroics and Tenya’s immense power is enough to keep the Ida name afloat.

2 Shimura Family

  • Notable Members: Tenko Shimura, Nana Shimura

The Shimura are a hero-turned-villain family, and the stark difference between its heroic roots and current villainy portrays how quirks can shape characters. The Shimuras' hero roots lie with Nana Shimura, the seventh user of One for All. However, her hero duties eventually created a rift between her family.

Tenko Shimura, commonly known by his villain name Tomura Shigaraki, also belongs to this family. He was forced into the life of villainy after his out-of-control quirk resulted in the death of his entire family. Despite the Shimura family’s tragic fate, it still stands as one of the strongest families in My Hero Academia. Shigaraki’s all-powerful quirk and position within the Paranormal Liberation Front further cements this notion.

1 Todoroki Family

  • Notable Members: Enji, Touya, and Shoto Todoroki

As the current No. 1 Hero, it comes as no surprise that Endeavor’s family comes out on top as the strongest family within My Hero Academia. Every single member of the Todoroki family bears a powerful quirk, with Endeavor’s Hellflame and Shoto’s Half-Cold Half-Hot being the strongest ones. Shoto’s siblings also possess quirks, although Endeavor never trained them since they acquired their mother’s quirk.

Shoto’s mother is another powerful member of the family, and her quirk Frost was the only reason Endeavor married her. In a surprising turn of events, the villain Dabi has been revealed to be a part of the Todoroki family, making him the fourth Todoroki sibling. Despite the family’s traumatic past and unresolved trauma, the Todoroki family is arguably the strongest one in the entirety of My Hero Academia.

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