Izuku Mirodiya, otherwise known as Deku, is a brooding UA student in this My Hero Academia Season 7 key visual.

According to Comic Book, a poster for the upcoming seventh installment of the Studio Bones anime My Hero Academia has been unveiled. The picture displays the protagonist of the series standing in a mundane setting with meaningful text surrounding him. The English words "7th Season coming" are written at the bottom of the poster. In addition, near Deku is a short Japanese sentence that approximately translates to "Never walk alone."


Deku is pictured in the illustration wearing his UA High School uniform, looking up to the sky. He is presented in monochrome, with the only splashes of color including his piercing green eyes and a yellow cape wrapped around his neck. This cape is highly sentimental to Deku as it belonged to his mentor Gran Torino, who was instrumental in helping him to understand his quirk. It was also integral to his "Dark Deku" outfit in the show's latest season.

My Hero Academia's Dark Hero Arc

The "Never walk alone" statement written next to Deku feeds into the show's ideas of teamwork, especially in the most recent season. The second season of MHA adapted the "Dark Hero" storyline, which saw the normally upbeat Izuku transformed into a reckless vigilante who worked alone. This led him into the crosshairs of his fellow Class-1A students, who fought tooth and nail to get him back to UA. Tenya Iida, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Mina Ashido, and others fought to save their companion. Ochaco Uraraka delivered an emotional speech in which he begged the citizens hiding in the school to accept Midoriya back.


My Hero Academia, based on Kohei Horikoshi's manga, completed its sixth season in March 2023. The "Paranormal Liberation War" plotline dominated the first part of this season, following the UA students and pro heroes as they fought to bring down the criminal organisation. However, the subsequent devastation and fighting shattered the public's trust in heroism. The previously mentioned "Dark Hero" narrative was subsequently brought to life, ushering off the "Final Act Saga." Season 6 ended with the series premiere of Star and Stripe, America's favourite hero.

The anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll. Additionally, the manga is available to read via Manga Monster website with a Shonen Jump subscription.

Source: Comic Book