One artist creates a heartbreaking image of Midoriya and Bakugo from My Hero Academia traveling back in time to meet a young All Might.

Deku and Bakugo were inspired to become heroes after watching All Might on TV as children. For the two All Might fanboys, seeing the number one hero at the top of his game would have been a dream come true. But times have changed, as fan artist Trevo (@/Trevoshere) demonstrates. All Might had retired as a professional hero in the current timeline of My Hero Academia due to the debilitating effects his fight with All for One had on his body.There's a bittersweet edge and sense of grief pervading through the illustration that Trevo perfectly captures in Bakugo and Deku's shocked expressions at seeing an All Might, eyes still bright blue with none of the near-fatal fatigue that would later turn them pitch-black.

Trevo and the My Hero Academia Fan Art

The fan art of this alternate universe has had fans screaming their praise for Trevo, with many saying they'd love to read more of this time-traveling alternate storyline. Some Twitter users posed questions to the artist about their story, with one asking if All Might would remember this interaction once Bakugo and Deku returned to their respective timelines. Trevo gave a somewhat cryptic answer, writing, "They'd probably be memorable, but the past is a dangerous thing to tamper with." The illustration has sparked a call from fans to see more of All Might's backstory in canon. After all, very little of young All Might rarely appear in the series except for brief flashbacks in the anime and in the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Trevo previously broke fans' hearts by creating an alternate universe in which All Might finds Tenko Shimura before All for One. While this new storyline prevents the villain Shigaraki from being born, it does not solve all of the problems. The fan art depicts how, despite the change in environment and now being cared for by 'the good guys,' Tenko still harbors resentment toward heroes, especially after All Might was taken away from him on his birthday. When hero duty calls, family is frequently put aside in order to save someone else.


One of the most popular manga series currently with 85 million copies sold worldwide as of February 2023, My Hero Academia has spawned an enormous media franchise. Not only does it have a successful anime adaptation, but the series has also inspired three wildly successful animated movies, with the most recent one, My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission grossing over $47 million worldwide. Aside from video games, stage plays, and crossovers where characters like Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka and All Might have appeared in Fortnite, the franchise will also receive a live-action adaptation.

My Hero Academia is currently streaming its sixth season on Crunchyroll.