My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers: Bakugo's Remarkable Power Surge

Nov 08, 2023
Explore the exciting developments in My Hero Academia Chapter 406, where Bakugo's extraordinary growth takes center stage. Get ready for thrilling revelations as we dive into this gripping chapter.
My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers: Bakugo's Remarkable Power Surge

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia, titled "Understand your quirk!!!" delivers a wealth of updates from various battlefronts. As the hospital battle concludes and Okuto Island witnesses the defeat of the Nomu, tensions run high. Toru and Aoyama work tirelessly to free captives from plant-like restraints, all while continuing their battle against Gashly in the Takoba arena.

Hound Dog and Ketsubutsu students successfully capture Skeptic, while Kamakiri and Kuroiro aid in evacuating those in need. In the heart of Jaku, the villains have been apprehended, yet the whereabouts of Eraser Head, Present Mic, and Kurogiri remain shrouded in mystery.

The Battle Unfolds

Amidst these shifting tides, Nagant reflects on Deku's unwavering faith from a quiet rooftop. The narrative then returns to the ongoing battle, where Bakugo's incredible speed and prowess leave All Might visibly impressed. Edgeshot provides insights into Bakugo's newfound quirk developments, which even took Shigaraki by surprise just before his apparent downfall.

Bakugo's Journey: It becomes apparent that Bakugo is on the cusp of understanding something new about his quirk. AFO, who finds himself in the midst of a building after a confrontation with Bakugo, acknowledges the young hero's potential. Shigaraki's unrelenting drive to break Bakugo again is palpable, and Deku, in an internal monologue, grapples with the limitations of his abilities.

Revelations and Resolve

AFO begins moving towards Shigaraki, inciting Bakugo's irritation. As the battle unfolds, AFO underestimates Bakugo's explosion quirk, triggering Bakugo's determination. Through the painful process of mastering his quirk, Bakugo achieves incredible speed, even as he experiences excruciating pain. He embraces his newfound capabilities and reflects on his journey to keep pace with Deku, now believing he can surpass him.

Family and Identity

The narrative briefly shifts to the perspective of evacuated civilians, as Mitsuki watches her son, Katsuki, face All For One on a screen. Mitsuki is convinced that Katsuki will face this ordeal with his trademark smile. However, All For One is bewildered by the growing anger he feels toward Bakugo, wondering why this seemingly ordinary individual frustrates him more than anyone else.

Shocking Revelation

In a stunning flashback, All For One's anger and frustration become clear. Bakugo bears a striking resemblance to the second user of One For All, leading to a revelation that ignites All For One's fury. Blaming Bakugo for past actions, AFO's rage flares, but Bakugo boldly asserts his unique identity, declaring, "Are you getting senile?! I'm the one and only Kacchan Bakugou!!"


My Hero Academia Chapter 406 delivers an array of remarkable developments and revelations as Bakugo's journey to master his quirk and surpass his limits takes center stage. With a stunning revelation about his identity, Bakugo's evolution promises to shape the course of future battles in the series.

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