• Best Jeanist's quirk, Fiber Master, gives him complete control over clothing fibers, allowing him to manipulate threads to restrain villains and protect himself and his allies.
  • Denim is a critical component of Best Jeanist's quirk, as it grants him access to his strongest threads and reinforces his costume, making it easier for him to utilize his power effectively.
  • Despite its powerful abilities, Fiber Master has weaknesses, including the requirement for a sufficient amount of fiber and the difficulty of mastering the quirk's control. However, Best Jeanist's ultimate moves, such as Blackout Bind and Threads of Hope, demonstrate the versatility and strength of his abilities.

The world of My Hero Academia is brimming with all sorts of powers and meta abilities, leading to some taking the spotlight while others being relegated to the sidelines. However, one quirk and its quirky wielder can’t seem to stay away from the limelight. Tsunagu Hakamada, popularly known as Best Jeanist, boasts the quirk “Fiber Master,” an offensive ability that lends him the power to control any fiber at will.

Despite possessing a seemingly simple quirk, Best Jeanist has found a way to harness Fiber Master’s true potential, and his ranking as the No. 3 Pro Hero in all of Japan is a testament to his power. From his eccentric clothing to his flamboyant personality, every aspect of Best Jeanist’s character supports his Fiber Master quirk.

Best Jeanist’s Quirk: Fiber Master


As the name suggests, Fiber Master essentially grants the user complete control over any sort of clothing fiber, and this control is translated in the form of a telekinetic link. This allows Best Jeanist to control the fibers of his opponents’ clothes with his mind, using the

threads to do his bidding for him.

While this control is extended to all sorts of threads and fibers (including carbon fibers), denim is the easiest material to manipulate through this quirk, leading to Best Jeanist centering his hero costume and name around this durable material. Any villain wearing clothing is at Best Jeanist’s mercy, as there’s no escaping his quirk’s power as long as any sort of clothing is on their body. This makes it relatively easy for Best Jeanist to restrain villains almost instantaneously, with little to no workarounds for escape.

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Best Jeanist was able to detain six of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s top members, including the colossal Gigantomachia, indicating the absurd strength of his threads. However, opponents strong enough can still break through Fiber Master’s clutches, though All For One is the only villain to have successfully nullified Best Jeanist’s power. All For One has also praised the power of Fiber Master, stating that it is one of the few quirks he has refused to steal since it would have been impossible for him to master it.

The Key to Fiber Master: Denim


Best Jeanist’s mastery over Fiber Master can be attributed to one specific textile – denim. This fact is reflected in Best Jeanist’s hero costume, a suit composed entirely of denim material. His suit is a critical component of his quirk’s usage, as it essentially grants him immediate access to his strongest threads.

There are multiple instances of Best Jeanist using his own hero suit’s threads to restrain enemies, proving that his eccentric and bold style isn’t merely a fashion statement. He can also utilize his own denim to protect his body from direct offensives, a fact that explains why his denim covers his body from head to toe. Best Jeanist can also use his own threads for evasion, pulling out his allies from harm's way immediately.

Fiber Master’s Weaknesses


Similar to any other quirk, Fiber Master is weighed down by a few weaknesses, balancing out its absurdly-powerful state. The primary drawback of Fiber Master is the same as any other quirk that requires external material. Without a sufficient amount of fiber present, Best Jeanist’s strength is severely limited. This is exactly why he is forced to center his hero costume entirely around denim.

The difficulty of mastering Fiber Master itself is a weakness of the quirk, as no regular human could hope to achieve complete control over this power. It was only through extensive training that Best Jeanist was able to manipulate threads with such accuracy and precision. However, this mastery is still limited to certain fabrics and threads, as textiles such as sweats are still incredibly difficult for him to manipulate.

Best Jeanist’s Ultimate Moves


Best Jeanist is a versatile hero, as his quirk allows him to go on the offensive, defend against imminent attacks, and even prime him as a support hero. His offensive move, Blackout Bind, utilizes carbon fibers and wraps around the enemies’ necks, suffocating and rendering them unconscious. Best Jeanist utilized this ability to take out multiple top-grade members of the Paranormal Liberation Front in one swift move.

Catching Cradle is one of his defensive abilities, using threads to form a soft web to catch any allies and to bring them to safety. However, Fiber Master’s true utility shines through with Threads of Hope, an ultimate move used to secure everything in place. This was used to stop a building from collapsing, keeping everyone underneath safe from the impact. Best Jeanist arguably has one of the most versatile arsenals in all of My Hero Academia, proving exactly why he boasts the position of the nation’s No. 3 Pro Hero.

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