My Dress-Up Darling: Everything about waifu loli Inui Sajuna, cosplayer nicknamed Juju!

Jan 25, 2024
After Kitagawa Marin, Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru - My Dress-Up Darling continues to introduce to us a super cute waifu named Inui Sajuna, also known as cosplayer Juju. Do you want to know everything about this girl? See the following article now!
My Dress-Up Darling: Everything about waifu loli Inui Sajuna, cosplayer nicknamed Juju!

Who is Inui Sajuna?

Who is Inui Sajuna?

Inui Sajuna is a supporting character in the manga/anime Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru - My Dress-Up Darling. In the manga, Sajuna first appeared in chapter 11. In the anime, she appeared in episode 6 and was voiced by seiyuu Tanezaki Atsumi (this will also be the seiyuu who voices Anya Forger in Spy X Family, the anime airs in April 2022).

Information about Inui Sajuna

I entered Sajuna

In My Dress-Up Darling, Sajuna is a 17-year-old female student (older than Gojou and Marin). Sajuna has a small figure, a modest bust but is still very lovely (true to loli standards in legend). According to Gojou's feelings when he first "saw" Sajuna, it seemed... this girl was not yet fully developed, proof of this was that her lower area was still quite smooth.

Having the appearance of an elementary school girl, Sajuna often transforms into magical girls or elementary school students. Sajuna's shoulder-length hair and big beautiful eyes are also fully utilized in her cosplay photos. But why did she come to cosplay? See the following part to see clearly.

Up to now, we don't have too much information about Sajuna. I only know that she has a younger sister named Inui Shinju. Perhaps in the future developments of the story, when Sajuna and Shinju have the opportunity to reappear, we will learn more about this girl.

Inui Sajuna's personality

I entered Sajuna

Although Sajuna is small, he is quite a strong person. She often acts cold but is actually a very warm person (in general, a bit of a tsundere). Sajuna is very honest with her feelings, whether they are love or hate. This is clearly shown when Sajuna first meets Marin. At first, because she thought Marin was just a hot girl learning to cosplay, she kept her distance. However, after learning that Marin really loves cosplay, Sajuna changed her approach.

Inui Sajuna's past

Everything about Inui Sajuna

Since childhood, Sajuna has dreamed of becoming a "magical girl". For this reason, she often puts on makeup and transforms into her favorite characters. Sajuna usually just makes it and watches it herself without sharing it with anyone (except her sister). Realizing that this was too wasteful, Shinju helped her sister share cosplay photos on social networks with the nickname Juju (According to, this name comes from the two words "Ju" in Sajuna and Shinju's names). ). It didn't take too long for Juju to receive strong love from the community and gradually become more famous.

Inui Sajuna's relationships

I entered Sajuna

Sajuna loves his sister very much. She often blushes every time Shinju praises her.

After understanding Marin, Sajuna also loved her very much. After taking cosplay photos with Marin, Sajuna also regularly discussed with Marin to help her with cosplay.

Sajuna has quite special feelings for Gojou. During his collaboration with Gojou, Sajuna thought Gojou was amazing. Could it be that Sajuna has a crush on Gojou?

Fun fact: Not Marin, Sajuna was the first woman whose entire body Gojou saw.


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