Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation commences as a young girl with green hair descends from the heavens. While attempting to cushion her fall, she exhausts all her magical energy, resulting in her hair turning white. Recognizing her as Sylphy, Rudeus' childhood companion, fans will recall that it has been some time since they last encountered her.

The previous season concluded with Rudeus expressing worry about his missing friend, so witnessing her well-being is undoubtedly comforting for the audience, even if Rudeus himself cannot yet share in that sense of relief. As Rudeus gradually learns to overcome the pain of losing Eris, now presents an ideal moment for him to reconnect with his old companion.


What Happened to Sylphy After The Teleportation Incident and Why Her Hair Turned White

By the end of Season 1, Rudeus discovers that Sylphy's name appears on the list of individuals still missing after the Mass Teleportation Incident. However, he also realizes that her name is not among those listed as deceased, providing confirmation that despite being lost, she may still be alive somewhere. Rudeus had last seen Sylphy before departing to tutor Eris, and understandably, he had concerns about her well-being following the teleportation event. However, keen-eyed fans actually caught a glimpse of Sylphy at a later point.

In Episode 14, during the execution of Eris' father, Sylphy (now known as Fitz) could be spotted on the elevated platform, dressed in her royal guardian attire with her new white hair, standing alongside Princess Ariel and Luke. At that time, Sylphy's backstory had not yet been revealed, making it easy to overlook her due to the significant change in her appearance. However, considering the timing of this scene in relation to the events of Episode 0, it becomes evident that the glimpse of Sylphy in Season 1, Episode 14 occurred afterward. Besides her clothing and glasses, the most notable transformation in Fitz's appearance from Sylphy is her hair. Her green hair turned white as a consequence of utilizing all her mana to break her fall from the sky. Fortunately, her mana gradually replenishes over time, though her hair color remains permanently altered.


Sylphy's Childhood With Rudeus

At the age of six, Rudeus came across a young boy facing torment from three bullies. These bullies targeted the child due to his pointed ears and green hair, which deeply unsettled Rudeus. Taking swift action, he intervened, putting an end to the bullying and rescuing the boy named Sylph. To Rudeus' surprise and subsequent embarrassment, he later discovered that the boy he saved was, in fact, a girl named Sylphiette.

Despite the initially awkward encounter, Rudeus and Sylphy's friendship flourished during their early years. They learned valuable lessons from one another: Sylphy taught Rudeus about treating and conversing with girls his age respectfully, while Rudeus shared his knowledge of magic with her. Rudeus specifically taught Sylphy the art of casting spells without the need for spoken incantations. This period of happiness, however, came to an end when Rudeus felt a sense of stagnation in his magical growth. Determined to overcome this, he made the decision to study at the esteemed Renoa University of Magic. The prospect of leaving Sylphy behind proved to be a difficult choice, so Rudeus sought employment as a tutor for his cousin, aiming to earn enough money to send Sylphy to the university alongside him.

Unfortunately, due to the suddenness of his departure, Rudeus never had the chance to bid Sylphy a proper farewell. That encounter marked the last time he saw her before the Mass Teleportation Incident occurred. Despite Rudeus leaving her behind, Sylphy persevered in her magical training, nurturing the hope that one day she would be able to stand by his side upon his return.


How Sylphy's Past Informs Her Demeanor as Princess Ariel's Bodyguard

Sylphy's past experiences with Rudeus and the treatment she received as a child due to her elven heritage significantly shape her personality in her current role as Princess Ariel's bodyguard. The training she underwent with Rudeus not only honed her skills as a formidable mage but also granted her the ability to cast spells silently, without the need for incantations. This, combined with her innate affinity for magic and her continued dedication to training in Rudeus's absence, positioned her as a strong candidate to join Princess Ariel's Royal Guard without requiring additional instruction. It is this silent spellcasting ability that contributes to her nickname, "Silent Fitz."

Furthermore, since her hair has turned white, Sylphy is no longer judged based on its original green color as she was during her childhood. However, she still faces discrimination due to her introverted nature and enigmatic persona. The scars from her past experiences of being bullied are evident, as she experiences significant distress when others question her during the Royal ball, nearly fainting from the stress. This also serves to explain her close bond with Ariel, as the princess recognizes Sylphy's vulnerability and comes to her aid, reminiscent of Rudeus's actions in the past.

Interestingly, perhaps due in part to past embarrassing situations with Rudeus, Sylphy is also quite shy when it comes to her own body. This explains her bashful reaction when Ariel jokingly invites her to her bed-chamber. Ariel's playful and open attitude serves as a positive influence on Sylphy, providing a refreshing perspective on a part of her life that had previously carried awkward undertones. While Sylphy still harbors hopes of finding her family, losing Rudeus abruptly must have been a challenging experience for her. Therefore, her voluntary decision to remain and protect Ariel as her guardian speaks volumes about the respect and trust she has developed for her newfound friend.