The connected love tales of More Than A Married Couple are in full flow and seem to become sexier by the minute. Jiro half-heartedly thinks he's still madly in love with Shiori, but he also periodically falls for Akari's allure. While Akari believes Tenji to be the man of her dreams, she is undoubtedly drawn to Jiro's simplicity and purity.

Tenji doesn't appear to have a preference at this time, and the overall scenario appears chaotic from a distance. Everyone's love consciousness has been plunged into the unknown after they played married couples for the school practical.

The only character with romantic priorities is Shiori. Straight

More Than a Married Couple: Shiori Is the Only One Who Knows Her Romantic Desires_0

Nobody's sure who they want anymore, but there's one person who has set her priorities straight, and that's Shiori. It wasn't clear until after the first two episodes where Shiori's heart lies, but it's now evident that she has feelings only for Jiro and doesn't care if she's 'married' to the hottest guy in school. It's portrayed that Shiori did have feelings for Jiro since the beginning but simply didn't have the courage to confess, and Jiro interpreted her silence as rejection. However, the marriage practical made her realize that she can't keep adoring Jiro from afar, especially against a sensual partner like Akari.

Shiori has only confessed her feelings to her female best friend, who is trying her hardest to set up opportunities for Jiro and her. It's commendable how Shiori is the shyest of them all in this dumpster fire of a love square, and she's the only one who is actively trying to pursue her love interest. She's making moves on Jiro by making him feel that she's the only one who truly knows him. She also tried to get him alone and kiss him, but she couldn't live up to that particular challenge.

More Than a Married Couple: Shiori Is the Only One Who Knows Her Romantic Desires_1

Still, she's doing a whole lot better than Jiro and Akari, who are stuck in a circle of admitting they are attracted to each other and then promptly retreating. It's obvious that they have chemistry, but since they made clear to each other that they're interested in other people, it's hard, especially for Akari, to admit that she's now into Jiro.

Without a doubt, the biggest airhead of them all is Jiro, who is trying to swing in both boats but doesn't realize that he's riding two waves at a time. The question for now is whether this predominantly love triangle will continue for the rest of the show or if a new player will swing away all of them.