Typically, anime fans expect their favorite romantic comedy series to resolve any love triangles by the end, but More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers, unfortunately, falls short of this expectation. Although the loose ends in Episode 12 may disappoint viewers, the series was wrapped up in a positive manner that suggests a potential second season.

Jiro is still torn between his childhood crush and the potential for feelings for the wife assigned to him as part of the school's marriage training program, despite Akari moving past her crush on Minami and fully accepting that she has fallen in love with Jiro in Episode 11. The tension between the old friends is at an all-time high after sharing a passionate kiss with Shiori. Given their shared feelings, he obviously has a chance to pursue a relationship with Shiori, but something is keeping him from doing so. The decision Jiro will have to make is highlighted in Episode 12 if the show gets a second season.


Shiori and Akari Rush Toward Jiro's Future

More Than a Married Couple's Wholesome Finale Leaves Potential for a Season 2_0

In the finale of the series, Jiro spends time with both love interests. Jiro is both excited and anxious about the chance to hang out with Shiori at her apartment because he is unsure of how Shiori feels about their shared kiss. However, after spotting Akari in a picture from their beach trip, Jiro balks when the ideal chance to talk about their relationship presents itself. Jiro returns home still uncertain, and Akari extends a date invitation to him. Jiro now has more questions as a result of this. He appears to enjoy spending time with both of the girls, and as a result, Akari and Shiori are both eager to grow their relationship with him. It is Jiro's responsibility to recognize who he really loves because Akari and Shiori appear to have equal potential.

While many love triangle comedies emphasize the rivalry between love interests, More Than a Married Couple adopts a more constructive stance. Despite the fact that both girls are aware of how they are getting in each other's way, they do not act negatively toward one another. Shiori does issue Akari a friendly race challenge to a shrine where they can pray for a romantic blessing. The male counterparts in each scene resemble Jiro, and they follow each other as they pass various scenes that represent the development of a relationship.

Shiori and Akari show up simultaneously, and the scene ends with the three of them praying at the shrine. Although the love triangle is not resolved, this scene offers an original viewpoint on the cliche unpowered conclusion. Although there are many indications in the series that Jiro will end up with Akari, the race scene shows that both love interests have a legitimate stake in the conflict. Jiro's own conflicted emotions are also legitimate because they are based on the perplexing circumstances of the series, just as are Shiori's feelings, which are just as significant as Akari's. Jiro's situation suggests a more noble resolution because he must first learn to love himself before he can determine which girl he truly loves, unlike many romantic comedy protagonists who toe the line of manipulating such a love triangle.


The Ending of the Episode Establishes a Second Season

More Than a Married Couple's Wholesome Finale Leaves Potential for a Season 2_1

Even though the unresolved love triangle was handled in an original way, Jiro's lack of action may have left viewers unsatisfied. But the series' concluding moments in More Than a Married Couple leave room for a second season. Jiro plays an RPG game after they finish their race to the shrine, which has been a constant symbol of his conflicted feelings throughout the story. The two love interests that stand in for Akari and Shiori are displayed alongside his character on the gaming console, indicating that the characters are prepared for their upcoming adventure. Since both couples have attained A-rank and can now choose a new partner if they so choose, this seems to hint at a second season that would continue the love triangle.

More Than a Married Couple's second season has not yet been confirmed, but the teaser at the end of the final episode strongly suggests that it may happen. The manga is still being written, so viewers might have to wait until more material is released before learning whether there will be a second season.