The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 4, "Inheritance", now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is focused on the series' biggest war yet as the heroes are finally confronting the villains in full force. They have even included the U.A. students among their ranks, but with good reason. With Hawks' help, the heroes have created a plan that could potentially put a stop to the Paranormal Liberation Front's activities once and for all. The Pro Hero tips the heroes off about the PLF's current state of affairs, including how Dr. Garaki is tweaking Shigaraki Tomura's body. As such, one of the heroes' main objectives is to take out Shigaraki during this vulnerable state. Unfortunately, they have failed as the deadly villain finally returns in Episode 4.

The main reason Shigaraki sought Dr. Garaki's help was to have the doctor augment his physique. But before joining his cause, the doctor had a condition: Shigaraki had to face and tame the mighty Gigantomachia. After grueling days of nonstop battle, Shigaraki managed to outwit and make the giant recognize him as his master. He also annexed the Meta Liberation Army into the League of Villains, creating the Paranormal Liberation Front. After rectifying their forces, Dr. Garaki then began tweaking Shigaraki's body.


The Heroes almost permanently removed Shigaraki from service, but now he's back

My Hero Academia: How Will Shigaraki's Awakening Affect the Big Fight Between the Heroes and Villains? _0

Shigaraki was out of commission while receiving the upgrade from Dr. Garaki, which the heroes were aware of. Their timely assault was meant to exploit Shigaraki's moment of vulnerability and end him. To do this, they sent the Rabbit Hero Mirko to swiftly locate Shigaraki's body and stop him from being revived. Garaki, however, wasn't just going to let the heroes do their bidding. He unleashed the High-End Nomus to stop the pesky Rabbit Hero, but Mirko proved a tough challenge; she fought the High-Ends alone and even managed to take out one of them.

After realizing her opponents were improving the longer she fought them, Mirko shifted her priorities, leaving the High-End Nomus and bolting toward the doctor. Even with the High-End Nomu's hair piercing her leg, the Rabbit Hero still managed to execute a destructive kick and cracked the vat. The liquid inside started to spill, but it still gave Dr. Garaki a bit of time to revive Shigaraki. But just as he was about to do so, Present Mic appeared and finished the task as Shigaraki's lifeless body fell to the ground. However, a single shock restarted the villain's heart, bringing him back to life.


The Potential Impact of Shigaraki's Return on the MHA's Paranormal Liberation War

My Hero Academia: How Will Shigaraki's Awakening Affect the Big Fight Between the Heroes and Villains? _1

Given that Shigaraki's body is still far from being completed, he is certainly not as strong as One For All at his peak. With the side effects of being abruptly revived still uncertain, how much he can affect MHA's current war is debatable. However, Shigaraki regaining consciousness is already a massive threat on its own; a single command from him will allow Gigantomachia to wreak havoc against the heroes, and the giant proved how tough and resilient he is during his fight with Shigaraki.

That being said, Shigaraki has also shown he is no longer just a simple thug. Not only is he able to stand toe-to-toe against Gigantomachia, but he has also defeated peak Re-Destro. If he has indeed grown stronger from Dr. Garaki's procedure, then even Endeavor may have difficulty stopping him

The heroes may have previously had the upper hand, but that could soon change with Shigaraki's awakening. Once that happens, the already struggling heroes at the Paranormal Liberation Front's headquarters may find themselves in a pickle. And on the Jaku Hospital side, the Endeavor Team will be the first to taste Shigaraki's new power. If his base power was already on par with Gigantomachia, then his newly-acquired strength will surely also pose a threat to Endeavor and the other Pro Heroes of My Hero Academia.