My Hero Academia finally delivered to its audience what they had been expecting with bated breath -- 

The heroes have been able to strike the villains' headquarters of operations, which has allowed them to potentially achieve a tremendous triumph thanks to the important inside information provided by Hawks' infiltration behind enemy lines.

Shigaraki's awakening, however, has resulted in a hazardous setback. The heroes have put everything on the line in an effort to combat him and his formidable ally Gigantomachia, demonstrating that what distinguishes them from the villains is their capacity to cooperate in order to rescue even one more life.

The "Threads of Hope" and Best Jeanist

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In a plot twist, Best Jeanist made a surprise return in episode 12, despite being thought to be dead. He joined the battle and managed to subdue the majority of the bad guys as well as a weakened Gigantomachia. The heroes were inspired by his return from the dead, and they sacrificed everything they had to combat the Nomu and Dabi, whose attack had destroyed Endeavor's will to live.

Suddenly, Gigantomachia fell to the ground, defeated. The anesthetic that the UA students had persuaded him to consume finally took effect. As Best Jeanist points out, their triumph is the consequence of each and every hero's deed, which combined helped to outnumber the baddies. Their deeds of defiance against evil and acts of hope are like "threads of hope," spun together to lead them to the ultimate victory.


The Villains Engage in Self-Centered Combat

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The villains have once again demonstrated their true nature, despite their claims that the heroes are no better than them. They are all self-centered people who only fight for their own interests, from Dabi to Shigaraki. With his selfless nature and final sacrifice, Twice may have been the exception; everyone else, on the other hand, merely seeks their own objectives, whether they be those of power or retribution.

This is something that Dabi and Shigaraki have amply demonstrated. Particularly Dabi has demonstrated that his primary motivation is retaliation after disclosing his true identity. His only aim is to watch his father suffer, even if it involves murdering his little brother. He is not concerned with Stain's ideas or a society devoid of heroes.

"Threads of Hope" has shown the audience, who might be doubting the heroes as much as the general public is in the anime, that what makes the heroes different from the villains is their faith in the good of humanity. Their unwavering trust in what’s right gives them the strength to always fight back together, even when all seems lost.