My Hero Academia's Current Pace: A Slow Burn with Promising Payoff

By: Marc York May 25, 2023
The latest My Hero Academia chapters have been really short and aren't progressing the plot by much, but it will all be worth it in due time.
My Hero Academia's Current Pace: A Slow Burn with Promising Payoff

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia have adopted a deliberate, slow-paced approach that has left some fans yearning for more immediate plot progression. The recent installments, particularly those focusing on the intense battle with Dabi and the intricate storyline of the Todoroki family, have sparked mixed reactions due to their methodical pacing.

Critics point out that the manga's recent chapters have deviated from the norm. Each chapter covers minimal plot points and features fewer pages than usual, often accentuated by splash panels. Some readers have even drawn comparisons to the later chapters of Bleach, where a similar pacing style was employed. This leisurely storytelling technique may prove challenging for those following the series on a weekly basis. However, the payoff for this narrative approach will become evident once the entire arc unfolds.

Understanding the Current Pacing in My Hero Academia

Chapter 387, titled "Congealing," stood out as the closest to a typical chapter. It delved into Endeavor's preparations to sacrifice himself, preventing Dabi's destructive self-ignition from harming others. Additionally, it briefly explored the ancestral lineage of Rei Todoroki and her timely arrival to save both Endeavor and Dabi. These crucial developments unfolded across 17 pages, offering a more substantial narrative experience.

The subsequent two chapters, however, contributed to the growing concerns about pacing. Chapter 388, "Toya," merely covered Rei's journey to the battlefield and the arrival of Natsuo and Fuyumi Todoroki, compressed into a mere 11 pages. Chapter 389, "Assurance and Prayers," featured Shoto's entrance, accounting for only 12 pages, including the color cover. Although a few minor details were included, these were the primary events stretched across two chapters. This combination of quick reading and limited progress has left many fans feeling dissatisfied.

A Shift in Perspective: Looking Beyond Weekly Releases

It is important to consider that the dissatisfaction with pacing primarily applies to readers experiencing these chapters on a weekly basis. Once compiled into a volume, the flow of the story is likely to improve significantly. Similarly, when the events are adapted into the anime, they can be covered more swiftly, possibly within a single episode. As some have noted, these chapters may have been intentionally designed for a condensed consumption that facilitates a more cohesive storytelling experience.

Furthermore, these chapters possess more depth than initially acknowledged. Despite the slower progression, they contribute to the intricate narrative of the Todoroki family, infusing the story with emotional weight and intensifying the drama. The artwork, as always, remains exceptional. While the weekly reading experience may be challenging, the eventual payoff promises to be extraordinary. This particular subplot holds immense significance within the series and warrants a thorough exploration. Although it may not resonate optimally in magazine format, its impact should shine through in volumes and anime adaptation.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia's current pacing, although perceived as slow by some, is a deliberate choice aimed at maximizing the impact of the ongoing storyline. While weekly readers may find it arduous, the future convergence of chapters into volumes and anime episodes will likely enhance the narrative flow and overall experience. Patience will prove rewarding as the series meticulously unravels the complexities of the Todoroki family, ultimately delivering a remarkable payoff for devoted fans.


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