Dr. Kyudai Garaki is credited with originating the Quirk Singularity Theory from My Hero Academia, which predicts the end of the world. He envisioned a gloomy scenario for the future of a society based on quirks, where these supernatural abilities would become more challenging to control over time. Because quirks are genetic, they would keep combining over generations until they eventually grew into powerful abilities that were beyond the control of their owners.

People who can bare minimum withstand the effects of their own potent Quirks are what one typically expects from victims of the Quirk Singularity Theory. Classic examples include Toya Todoroki of the League of Villains and Kaminari Denki of Class 1-A. Even though Himiko Toga's Transform is a straightforward skill in comparison to those Quirks with greater visual impact, it meets all the prerequisites for the young villain to be regarded as one of the Singularity Theory's numerous silent victims.


How Quirk Singularity Can Be Used to Explain Himiko Toga's Transform

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Himiko Toga's Transform Quirk, one of the most unique in My Hero Academia, enables her to shape-shift into anyone without fail. The only stipulation is that the length of her transformation is determined by the amount of their blood she has consumed. Toga gained the ability to tap into the Quirks of those she's transformed into after receiving her Quirk Awakening. However, this new power-up has so far only been available to Toga's closest friends.

To some extent, quirks always influence their wielder's personality (or vice versa), but in Toga's case, this phenomenon is taken to an extreme. Toga has had an odd fascination with blood ever since her ability manifested. She claims to find people most attractive when they are bruised and bleeding, and she has no qualms about violently imposing her beauty standards on others. She was one of the members who flocked to Shigaraki after learning of the Hero Killer's capture; though she claimed to love Stain in her entry interview, she also expressed a desire to kill him.


Himiko Toga May Not Even Be Able to Function in a Judgment-free MHA Society

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Although Toga's homicidal behavior is obvious to all who see her – both her teammates and the MHA audience – it has always been her unique way of interacting with the world from her perspective. Even as a child, Toga's parents were horrified by how gleefully innocent she appeared as she drained the blood from small animals. They successfully persuaded her to suppress the urges her Quirk compelled her to fulfill for a time, but one can only suppress one's true nature for so long. She ran away from home when she was a teenager because she couldn't keep up this mask indefinitely.

Toga's abilities to shape-shift and mimic Quirks are powerful enough to be considered examples of the Singularity effect, but her inability to control its influence on her personality is the real smoking gun. Unfortunately for Toga, her Quirk appears to have predestined her for a life of villainy, which contradicts My Hero Academia's theme of everyone deserving of salvation. Will she have a place in a future Hero Society that allows free expression of Quirks without discrimination?