The Paranormal Liberation Army's most powerful general, Geten, elicited a lot of fan interest when he was first introduced in My Hero Academia. He had an extremely powerful Ice Quirk, and was the first member of the story’s exclusive “Quirk Awakening” club. Geten's Quirk was so complex that many fans began to theorize he was a secret Todoroki himself and might have been their long-lost son, Toya’s alter ego. Those rumors died down after the revelation of the villain Dabi's true identity; however, MHA has confirmed the original theory wasn't entirely off the mark.

Chapter 387 provided an update on both Geten and Mr. Compress’ whereabouts. The two villains were last featured during the Paranormal Liberation War and suffered defeats at the Pro Heroes' hands. In his attempts to escape, Mr. Compress sustained serious self-inflicted injuries, which he evidently survived. Since the defeat, the duo seemed to have been imprisoned together but have some knowledge of the outside world’s happenings. Since neither of them can make any moves until the final battle’s end, Geten and Mr. Compress are swapping origin stories.


In My Hero Academia 387, Geten Discloses His Ancestry

Geten shared his past with Mr. Compress from the Liberation Army, revealing the secret behind the power of his Ice Quirk. He disclosed that he was a descendant of the Himura clan's branch families, which facilitated the Quirk marriage of Endeavor and Rei Todoroki. The Himuras had always been elitist, and as Quirks began to emerge, they became even more so. To maintain their blood's "purity" and reduce the chances of a Heteromorph appearing in their bloodline, they began to intermarry exclusively between members of the head and branch families. Although this policy caused their numbers to decline, their Ice Quirk factor continued to grow in strength as it mixed over the years.

As a member of a branch family, Geten was never in a position to succeed the Himura clan, which was already losing its wealth and influence. The news of Rei Todoroki's marriage marked the end of the Himura lineage, and family members scattered as a result. It was then that Re-Destro happened upon Geten and, obviously intrigued by his Ice Quirk, introduced him to the concept of Meta-Liberation. The Ice User found new loyalty to this cause and proceeded to serve the Liberation Army fervently throughout My Hero Academia.


MHA 387 Expands on Rei Todoroki’s Himura Clan

In My Hero Academia Chapter 387, Geten repeatedly emphasizes the significance of the "Himura bloodline," which has been intertwined with Endeavor's family through decades of intermarriage. This explains how his powerful Ice Quirk came to be and why all of his children inherited the Himura Quirk factor to some extent. Shoto inherited both the Ice and Fire Quirks, while Fuyumi and Natsuo inherited solely the Ice Quirk. 

Endeavor considered Dabi's ability to combine an even stronger Hellflame Quirk with the Himura resistance to cold as a failure. However, in the face of death, Dabi has tapped into his latent Himura genes, revealing an ability previously unavailable to him. Using a one-time power-up, he copied Shoto's Phosphor Super move and is overpowering even Endeavor with his flames. In a cliffhanger, Rei Todoroki joined the battle, but Dabi's heat is already causing burns to her face. The future of the Todoroki family's issues hinges on Shoto's arrival at the battlefield in time.