Himiko Toga stands out in My Hero Academia, even in a series known for its insane antagonists. Toga's weird complex related with her Transform Quirk has distorted her perception of friendship and love to the point that conflicting conduct is required of her.

Toga has never been the most dependable member of the League of Villains, but now, when her friends need her the most, she's stepped up and brought with her a forgotten weapon in the villains' arsenal: Twice's Sad Man's Parade.

In My Hero Academia 375, Himiko Toga returns.

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The threat of Toga unleashing a “Sad Girl’s Parade” was always present since the war began; her Quirk Awakening had given her the ability to access the Quirks of those she loved most while transformed. After receiving a vial of Twice’s blood from Toya Todoroki, Toga resolved to use her best friend’s blood to ensure Twice’s final parade happened -- and that it would have the most impact possible. The heroes may not have known this at the time, but Toga’s transformation was yet another calamity that choosing to split the villains up helped to delay.

When she was first transported to Okuto Island, Toga was far outnumbered and knew it. With multiple people paying attention to her every move, she couldn’t use her special technique to evade the heroes as usual, and every passing moment brought her closer to capture. In that situation, the most self-preserving course of action would’ve been to unleash the final Sad Man’s Parade right there -- but Toga was unwilling to make Twice’s final stand on a remote and easily forgettable island. Instead, she decided to hang on a little longer and trust that Spinner would somehow get her out of her current bind.


Himiko Toga's Development in My Hero Academia

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Even while barely staying out of the heroes’ grasp, the growth Toga has experienced throughout MHA was evident. Though she was still the flighty young girl infatuated with idea of having “normal” teenage interactions, her mission took priority in the moment. Toga finally decided to use Twice’s blood when there was no other option left to her, but she had to ingest it carefully. She knew how quickly Tsuyu Asui could disarm opponents with her tongue from their previous interactions so first, Toga baited her with a fake vial of blood. Once Tsuyu had successfully snatched the distraction away, Toga quickly drank the real vial.

The villain's timing couldn’t have been better, and her decision to delay her Sad Girl’s Parade paid off when a Warp Gate opened in front of her almost immediately after she turned into Twice. Kurogiri appeared shortly after and asked Toga what she would like to do. Without skipping a beat, she informed him of her plans to slaughter all the heroes beginning with Hawks. Ever accommodating, Kurogiri transported Toga to her target and she joined the battlefield with Endeavor, Hawks and All For One.

The restraint Toga showed on Okuto Island is proof of how important the League has become to her, and is the reason she is currently My Hero Academia’s most influential player in the final war. The quantity of blood she had was only enough for her transformation and Sad Man’s Parade to last for about 30 minutes, so the Gunga Villa battlefront at least should be decided within that timeframe. Will Toga succeed in her revenge assassination mission, or will Ochaco’s feelings reach the misguided young villainess?