Fans of My Hero Academia have noticed numerous homages to the caped crusaders from both Marvel and DC Comics due to the show's similar superhero premise. The series draws heavily on American superhero comics for inspiration, from character designs to heroism themes. More recently, even the way the heroes fight crime is influenced by Western culture.

The Number 3 Pro Hero Best Jeanist travels with Hawks in what appears to be a sleek black sports car in Episode 16 of My Hero Academia Season 6. The car is revealed to be able to handle quick action and be fitted with unique gadgetry when he is informed of crime nearby. Although the ropes that protrude from the car obviously fit with Best Jeanist's quirk, the vehicle itself bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Batmobile from DC Comics.


A Design That Inspires Fear and Saves the Day: Best Jeanist's New Car and The Batmobile

MHA: Best Jeanist's Hero Mobile Is All But Identical to the Batmobile_0

It's not the first time a hero has been shown with a car in My Hero Academia, but it is rare. In his earlier scenes, Best Jeanist is shown to walk, not drive, during his patrols of Tokyo, so the sudden introduction of his car feels almost out of place. For fans of DC Comics or anyone who sees a likeness between Best Jeanist's vehicle and Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting car, the scene in MHA feels like another superhero homage.

The general concept of a sleek, black car has been maintained in each remake of Gotham's most fearsome hero throughout the history of Batmobiles. The black color certainly matches Batman's color palette, and keeping the roof low in theory makes for a faster ride. These design elements can also be found in Best Jeanist's car in MHA. Though the black color clashes with his character design, the addition of a fast vehicle to chase down bad guys is an intriguing detail to his character. Best Jeanist is certainly flexing his bank account as Japan's third-best hero.


Is the Hero Mobile from Best Jeanist designed for multiple purposes, like the Batmobile?

MHA: Best Jeanist's Hero Mobile Is All But Identical to the Batmobile_1

If the overall appearance wasn't similar enough, both cars are more than just for looks and speed. Batman is well-known for his gadgets, and his Batmobile is no different. The vehicle is fully equipped with grappling hooks, explosives, various weaponry, and much more. Granted, the only gadgetry that Best Jeanist's car shows is the fiber wires that shoot out from the front, surely matching with his Quirk. With how resourceful the anime hero is, however, My Hero Academia may be hiding more abilities within Best Jeanist's crime-fighting car.

Despite the similarity of their preferred modes of transportation, Batman and Best Jeanist have polar opposite personalities and motivations. Best Jeanist's goal is to serve as a beacon of hope and peace for ordinary people, whereas Batman wants to use fear to stop crime—to the point where he is, in part, feared by the very people he defends. Although they take very different approaches to being a hero, they both share a desire for justice. They must each have different motivations for cruising around in a stylish vehicle that is powerful.