Bullying is still a widespread problem in society, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Bullying, whether in the form of physical violence, verbal abuse, or online harassment, can be devastating to its victims, leaving them with long-lasting emotional scars and possibly permanent physical marks. While many efforts are made to combat bullying, the social issue dwindles but never disappears. Given its societal impact, it is unsurprising that it is a popular topic covered by a variety of media, including manhwa.

Manhwa, or Korean comics, are known for their bold storytelling, vivid characters, and ability to connect emotionally with readers. However, manhwa can amplify the effects of an already horrifying scenario. When these bullies have their backsides handed back to them, it may provide some relief and satisfaction – and there appears to be an increase in manhwa that address bullying through violence. Here are a few that are worth a look.


Not to Die Highlights Persistence and Grit

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Dajun is a high school student who is bullied on a daily basis by his classmates. The constant torment he endures makes him feel desperate and hopeless, prompting him to consider suicide. When Dajun sees a news report about a student who allegedly murdered his bullies, the murderer's sentiment resonates deep within him, and he realizes that it is not he who deserves to suffer, but rather the bullies who have made his life a living nightmare. Dajun decides to embody the title of the manhwa, To Not Die.

To Not Die is a gripping manhwa about bullying, vengeance, and redemption. Dajun wants to overcome his traumatic past and regain control of his life, and his strategy is to grow stronger and give his bullies a taste of their own medicine. He flees his home and seeks the guidance of another fugitive who has piqued his interest. He accomplishes his goal, gradually becoming stronger until he can finally hold his ground in a fight. While the series has a compelling story, it is important to note that it can be quite graphic at times. To Not Die depicts bullying in a rather barbaric manner, making it inappropriate for some readers.

To Not Die is available to read in English via WEBTOON.


On Stream, a Viral Hit Condemns Big Bad Bullies

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Hobin Yoo may not have been blessed with the strongest physique, but he is a very persistent person. He does whatever he can to earn enough money not only to sustain his living expenses but also to pay off his mother's medical bills. Unfortunately, that isn't enough for the world to smile at him. Due to his weak frame, he is a favorite subject of his school's bullies. He is often presented as a feature for his classmate Pakgo's streams and videos. Of course, his role is nothing short of humiliating. He is the video's laughingstock. However, things start to change when Hobin gets internet-famous as he accidentally streams his wussy fight with Pakgo's videographer Snapper. Since Pakgo has abandoned Snapper after said incident, Snapper proposes to partner up with Hobin. Together, they create the titular channel Viral Hit.

Unlike in To Not Die, Viral Hit gives a cyber twist to taking down bullies. After going viral, Hobin starts to take his career seriously. The theme of his channel is taking down bullies. To achieve that, he starts training, learning various unconventional fighting techniques while also working out to toughen his body. Since the series shares the same universe as Lookism, it offers numerous epic fight scenes. There is also a colorful cast of characters, the majority of whom can hold their own in a fight. Together, they set out and take down heinous bullies and unscrupulous online streamers.

Viral Hit is available to read in English via WEBTOON.


Get Schooled Has an Unconventional Approach to Dealing With Academic Misfits

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In the world of Get Schooled, school bullying reaches its worst. The manhwa is set in an era where bullies are free to do what they want while enjoying the protection of the law. They've become all but untouchable, but that's set to change when Hwajin Na enters the picture. Hwajin works for the Ministry of Education, and his primary role is to straighten up those who are destroying academia. He infiltrates schools and uses his authority to rid the institutions of bullies. His methods, however, are far from conventional. He has no qualms about throwing a punch or two, even when facing underage students. Of course, he never goes as far as beating them up unreasonably, and while some may question the appropriateness of his methods, there is no denying that he has a unique ability to get through to bullies and make them understand the serious consequences of their actions.

Get Schooled, as the title suggests, is primarily concerned with bullying in the school setting. Surprisingly, the manhwa does not single out any of its students. It also includes teachers who abuse their authority, whether by gaslighting or extorting their students, as well as parents who abuse the educators in their children's institutions. While Hwajin has no qualms about using force to teach his subjects, he also does not resort to violence at every opportunity. He actually plans his actions well, which frequently leads to the bullies realizing their mistakes.

Get Schooled is available to read in English via WEBTOON.