The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, the title of the second season of Made in Abyss, premiered in July 2022. Audiences had already been enthralled by the series' exquisite artwork and complex worldbuilding, among other things. People who may have fallen off the bandwagon the first time around, though, might need to catch up.

In order to catch up on Made in Abyss, anime watchers should watch a few crucial works of media. The 13-episode anime series comes first. Three films come next, with the majority of them recycling previous material. There are a few methods to get this material and catch up in time for Season 2.


What Should You Know Before Playing Made In Abyss?

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To decide where to start, it's important to know what the story is. The story begins on the outskirts of the Abyss, an immeasurably deep hole full of monsters, ancient relics, and all sorts of mysterious phenomena. The main character is Riko, a Cave-Raider-in-training who desires to adventure to the bottom of the Abyss where her mother is presumably waiting for her.

This is a long and arduous journey, but she makes friends who help her along the way. The first person to help is Reg, a cyborg-like being who apparently hails from deep within the Abyss. The two of them are eventually joined by Nanachi, a former human girl who had her body altered by the Curse of the Abyss. It's hard to imagine how these three kids will handle the ever-increasing dangers of the Abyss, but they seem confident so far.


Where to Begin Watching the Anime Made In Abyss

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As for how to watch the anime, there are a couple of starting points. The ideal point would be with the anime. The series details the beginning of Riko's journey through the first few Layers of the Abyss. At about 24 minutes per episode, watching all of Season 1 can take up to 312 minutes, over five hours. As long as time isn't an issue, watching from here is the best option.

Another potential starting point would be the first movie, Journey's Dawn. This and the second movie, Wandering Twilight, recap the events of the first season. By removing the anime's openings, endings, recaps, and a few minor scenes, the runtime is cut down to 227 minutes. There are also brief scenes of original content at the start of each film, though they're best appreciated upon rewatches of the events of the story. A few minor details will be missing here and there, but these movies get across all the key plot points of Season 1 clearly and concisely.

The third movie, Dawn of the Deep Soul, features wholly original content. It continues the story right where Season 1 and Wandering Twilight both left things off, with the three young Cave Raiders adventuring deeper into the Abyss. This movie is canon to the manga, making it required viewing in order to be caught up before launching into Season 2.


Where does Season 2 of Made in Abyss begin?

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Season 2 of Made In Abyss debuted in July 2022 and picked up with Riko arriving at the sixth layer of the abyss. The group finds the promised ruins of the Golden City, but living within are strange humanoids known as Hollows. Though everyone senses danger from the Hollows, they are welcomed into the city where, they meet Faputa, princess of the Hollows, and discover the horrific and terrifying origins of the city. The adventure continues on, following an incredibly dark path filled with sorrow and bloodshed. Though there is no confirmation of a third season at this time, Season 2 ended in such way that fans anticipate the anime's return.

Made In Abyss is currently available to stream on Disney+.