It's no secret that anime has grown in popularity in English-speaking countries in recent decades. This has resulted in a rise in the availability of English-language manga in these countries as well, and fans appear to be just as interested in reading the source material manga as they are in watching animated adaptations and original anime shows.

There is normally a sizable dedicated manga section in any big bookshop in the United States, for example, and internet shops have capitalized on manga's popularity as well. With so many sites and merchants dedicated to selling manga, deciding where to buy manga online can be difficult. Nonetheless, a couple stand out as excellent choices for purchasing or reading manga in English for free.


Good Paid Options for Reading Manga Online

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The first option is Shonen Jump and/or Viz Manga subscriptions. Shonen Jump is probably the most well-known shonen magazine in the world, and its online subscription catalog is impressive, to say the least. For just $3 a month, manga readers get unlimited access to its collection of titles, including Spy x Family, Jujitsu Kaisen and even Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, as well as classics like One Piece. Of course, the downside is that it’s paid and mostly limited to just shonen titles, but readers can use the app to read more recent chapters free of charge. The new Viz manga subscription is similar and connected to Shonen Jump, and it likewise runs a $3 a month price tag. It offers more titles, including Kimi ni Todoke, Call of the Night, Nana and the work of horror master Junji Ito. For about $6 a month between the two sites, manga readers are able to access a solid breadth of manga titles, and both are a great deal for the price. Crunchyroll also offers an extensive selection of manga, which subscribers can access either through the website or the Manga by Crunchyroll app using the same account they use to watch their favorite anime.

Regarding individual manga purchases, a few apps and websites have good advantages. Kadokawa-owned Bookwalker is home to hundreds of light novels, manga, and audiobooks. Prices are shown in Japanese yen on the app and website, and users may "charge" their accounts and add more coins to buy material using a debit card or PayPal account. It does provide "coin-back" rewards, so readers will receive larger discounts to use on subsequent purchases the more they spend. The e-books from Bookwalker typically cost between $5 and $9, and its software is simple to use. This makes the site a great option for those looking to digitally purchase titles one-off, especially for those who don’t have Shonen Jump or Viz subscriptions, or the title isn’t available in these catalogs.

Barnes & Noble and Kindle are also always solid options for e-books, though the deals on physical books are usually better at the brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble stores and Amazon respectively. Still, they have the largest catalogs of manga featured so far, and they do have markdowns from time to time, so both are decent ways of buying digital manga overall.

Online Free Website

MangaMonster is a comprehensive online platform that offers a vast collection of manga titles, providing enthusiasts with the perfect place to dive into the captivating world of Japanese comics. With its high-quality scans and timely updates reminiscent of the speed in Japan, stands out as a go-to source for manga lovers worldwide.

MangaMonster boasts an extensive library of manga titles spanning various genres, including action, romance, fantasy, adventure, comedy, and more.  From long-running classics to the latest releases, you'll find a diverse range of manga that caters to different tastes and preferences. All manga scans available on MangaMonster meticulously curated to ensure a seamless reading experience. 

The website features high-resolution scans that capture the intricate details of the artwork, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the captivating visuals crafted by talented manga artists. With MangaMonster, you can enjoy manga with exceptional clarity, enhancing your overall reading pleasure. The platform strives to deliver the latest chapters and releases as quickly as possible, ensuring that readers stay up-to-date with their favorite manga series.

MangaMonster takes great pride in offering a completely free manga reading experience without any intrusive advertisements. Unlike many other online platforms, ensures that your reading pleasure remains undisturbed by pesky ads that can hinder your immersion. This unwavering commitment to an ad-free environment allows readers to delve into manga series without any interruptions, fully immersing themselves in the captivating narratives and stunning artwork. prioritizes the user experience, making it a reliable and enjoyable platform for manga enthusiasts seeking uninterrupted reading sessions.


Why Library Resources Are a Great Option for Manga Readers

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The last option for reading manga online is one that doesn’t require any purchase, and that's the digital offerings of local libraries. Whether it’s Libby, Overdrive or something else, most large libraries in the United States and Canada have genuinely impressive digital catalogs, and manga has become widely available on these services. Not having to pay for said manga and supporting libraries, which greatly contributes to public literacy, safety and learning, makes it clear that reading manga e-books through library systems is great when possible.

All in all, there's a wide variety of options for reading and buying manga online, including ones not discussed here. However, the above picks are probably among the cheapest and most accessible ways to read manga legally online, and all offer their own unique benefits to take advantage of for readers.


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