• Yuji Itadori's character has gone through significant challenges and transformations throughout the series, leading up to his current battle against the King of Curses.
  • The fates of other major characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, such as Gojo, Nobara, and Megumi, are uncertain, with some speculation that they may be dead.
  • Yuji is positioned as the key to the series' conclusion and may play a crucial role in defeating both the King of Curses and realizing the ambitions of the main antagonist, Kenjaku.

Yuji Itadori, the charismatic protagonist of "Jujutsu Kaisen," has indeed become a prominent and beloved figure in the realm of modern anime. Fans worldwide appreciate his likable personality, humorous antics, and heartfelt relationships, collectively deeming him one of the standout shonen protagonists in recent memory.

Nevertheless, a segment of the fanbase has expressed concerns that in the more recent chapters of the "Jujutsu Kaisen" manga, Yuji has taken a backseat to other characters, with limited opportunities to showcase his character development and strengths. Despite this sentiment within the community, there is a prevailing belief that Gege Akutami, the series' creator, is deliberately setting the stage for a significant narrative shift concerning Yuji.

While recent chapters may give the impression of Yuji being somewhat sidelined, many fans anticipate that Akutami is meticulously laying the groundwork for a substantial and impactful arc for the character. This expectation suggests that, despite the current focus on other characters, Yuji's narrative is poised for a noteworthy and compelling turn. As the story progresses, the hope among fans is that Akutami is preparing to deliver a momentous development that will once again thrust Yuji Itadori into the forefront, reaffirming his central role in the overarching narrative of "Jujutsu Kaisen." The anticipation surrounding Yuji's future storyline keeps the fanbase intrigued and eager to witness the next stages of his character journey.

How Did We Get Here?


Yuji Itadori's character and capabilities have indeed undergone notable developments since the inception of "Jujutsu Kaisen." From the early episodes of the anime, it's evident that Yuji possesses extraordinary strength, initially unexplained, and an innate ability to sense cursed energy despite lacking formal training. Upon becoming a Jujutsu sorcerer, he discovers his Cursed Technique and employs it to exorcise curses.

The narrative takes a significant turn when Yuji consumes a Sukuna Finger, unleashing the Cursed Spirit Sukuna within himself. Despite Yuji's ability to maintain control, Sukuna occasionally emerges, wreaking havoc when a certain number of fingers are ingested. During the Shibuya Incident arc, Yuji becomes a central figure, playing a pivotal role by defeating numerous Cursed Spirits and transfigured humans.

However, a turning point occurs when Yuji faces a formidable adversary, Choso, resulting in his defeat. Sukuna awakens within Yuji's body, leading to a catastrophic event where thousands perish, and Shibuya suffers extensive damage. After the chaos subsides, Yuji is confronted with the consequences of Sukuna's actions, leaving him deeply traumatized.

This pivotal moment marks a significant shift in Yuji's character development, introducing elements of trauma and self-reflection. The Shibuya Incident arc serves as a crucial phase in Yuji's journey, challenging him to grapple with the consequences of his actions and the immense power residing within him. The aftermath of the incident leaves Yuji with emotional scars that will likely shape his character and narrative trajectory in subsequent arcs of "Jujutsu Kaisen."


The events following the Shibuya Incident arc in "Jujutsu Kaisen" bring forth intense challenges and developments for Yuji Itadori. After a fierce confrontation with Mahito and the devastating loss of Nobara, Yuji fortifies his resolve and overcomes a Special Grade Curse. Entering the Culling Game arc, his primary goal becomes freeing Satoru Gojo from the Prison Realm to thwart Kenjaku's ominous plans.

However, complications arise as Sukuna gains control of Megumi and attains a level of power that surpasses everyone else, posing a significant obstacle to their plans. Following Gojo's liberation, the clash between the strongest sorcerer of the modern era and Sukuna unfolds in an incredible and closely contested battle, ultimately resulting in Sukuna's victory.

With Kashimo's failed attempt to end the King of Curses, Yuji takes center stage in the decisive battle against Sukuna, the very curse he once harbored within himself. Joined by Higuruma, Yuji engages in a final confrontation to put an end to Sukuna once and for all. This pivotal moment in the story marks a culmination of Yuji's growth, determination, and his journey as a Jujutsu sorcerer. The resolution of this conflict will likely have profound implications for the future of "Jujutsu Kaisen," shaping the narrative and the characters' paths in unforeseen ways.

Could Things End Badly For Yuji?


Ever since the very first episode or manga chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans have been speculating about how the series may end. After enduring an incredible amount of trauma that has made him question himself and his role in the world, Yuji now faces off against the King of Curses in what is looking to be the climactic battle of the series, where the main hero finally faces off against the main villain.

In a past interview at Jump Festa, Gege Akutami revealed that among Gojo and the 3 first-year students at Jujutsu High, either all of them will die except for one, or one of them will die and the other 3 will be left alive. Seeing how the series is going so far, it wouldn't be hard to assume that the former option is what the writer of the series is going for right now.


However, out of all of them, only one of the group is confirmed to be dead, with the others having very vague fates and Yuji still being alive. Gojo met his end by the hands of Sukuna after their fight when he was sliced into 2 pieces by Sukuna adapting to the Limitless Technique. Nobara's fate is still vague because, although she hasn't been seen in over 100 chapters, she was also not present in Gojo's vision after his death, a vision that showed all of his deceased comrades and friends.

Megumi is also left in a very ambiguous state. After Sukuna invades his body, he left the adaptation of Gojo's Infinite Void to Megumi's soul instead of his own, making him take the brunt of all that damage. Moreover, Sukuna finally transforms into his true form and all semblance of Megumi is gone from him, leading many to think that Megumi is also dead.

This just leaves Yuji. In his fight against Sukuna, Yuji is on the path to finally realizing his true Cursed Technique that he will use to defeat the King of Curses, just as was hinted very early on in the series. Gojo said that due to his resistance to Sukuna, Yuji's body would eventually absorb Sukuna's cursed energy and adopt his Cursed Technique, which may just be happening as seen with the transformation of Yuji's arms into monster-like claws.

It was also revealed that Yuji's mother was, in fact, Kenjaku and that Yuji is a Cursed Womb Death Painting similar to Choso. This was done in an effort to enact Kenjaku's goal that he had been planning for around 1000 years, which consists of merging all residents of Japan with Master Tengen to optimize cursed energy and produce an all-powerful Cursed Spirit. Since he needed Sukuna to realize this plan, he made sure to create the perfect vessel for him to reincarnate into; Yuji Itadori.


Whatever happens at the end of the series, Yuji is the key to all of it. After fully adopting Sukuna's abilities, Yuji is primed to be the one to finally put him down and in doing so, may even realize Kenjaku's ambitions. Yuji is the last hope for the world and is also one of the last people left alive to fulfill Gojo's goal of creating a new and very powerful generation of Jujutsu sorcerers that will make the world a better place for sorcerers and non-sorcerers alike.

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