Jujutsu Kaisen: Utahime's Strategy to Escape the Tragic Fate of Other Female Sorcerers

By: Lauren Tidmarsh May 25, 2023
The unveiling of Utahime's cursed technique establishes her as one of the most formidable sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen. Yet, this newfound power also carries the potential for disastrous consequences.
Jujutsu Kaisen: Utahime's Strategy to Escape the Tragic Fate of Other Female Sorcerers

Utahime's Cursed Technique Unveiled: A Game-Changer in Jujutsu Kaisen

In Chapter 223 of Jujutsu Kaisen, amidst the intense clash between Gojo Satoru and Sukuna, a different spotlight shines on Utahime Iori, the Jujutsu High teacher. This chapter unveils Utahime's formidable cursed technique, granting her a significant power boost. While her newfound strength positions her as a key player in the battle, it also raises concerns about the tragic fate that has befallen many other female sorcerers in the series. Can Utahime defy the odds and survive her first major on-screen encounter?

Utahime's Solo Forbidden Area: Unleashing Power and Grace

Chapter 223 finally unveils Utahime's innate technique, Solo Forbidden Area. This ability allows her to temporarily enhance the total cursed energy output and reserves of any sorcerer within range, including herself. The elegance with which she activates the technique through incantations, dance-like movements, gestures, and words further exemplifies her prowess.

Utahime employs this technique to augment Gojo's already formidable strength, teaming up to unleash a devastating attack—Hollow Purple at 200%—directly targeting Sukuna. The King of Curses sustains an injury, showcasing Utahime's undeniable value in the ongoing battle. However, her newfound power also makes her a prime target for their adversaries. Yet, the unfortunate pattern of female characters meeting tragic ends in Jujutsu Kaisen persists, posing a potential threat to Utahime's survival.

Breaking the Cycle: Utahime's Fight for Survival

Jujutsu Kaisen has faced criticism for its treatment of female characters, often seeing their untimely demise soon after showcasing their strength. Nobara Kugisaki's brief but impactful display of power against the cursed wombs Kechizu and Ezo was followed by her unfortunate demise. Similarly, the series witnessed the deaths of both Yuki Tsukumo and Yorozu, two special-grade sorcerers who perished in their first battles without fully showcasing their potential.

Other female characters like Shoko, Miwa, Mei Mei, and Momo have been left in the shadows since the earlier arcs, their storylines yet to be revisited. Although Maki Zenin remains an exception, her character arc still faces challenges. Given this history, the looming question arises: will Utahime meet a similar fate in the coming chapters?

The Battle for Survival: Utahime vs. Uraume

To evade such a fate, Utahime may find herself facing Uraume, Sukuna's accomplice. While Sukuna remains occupied with Gojo, it is likely that Uraume would engage Utahime to protect their master. Uraume, an experienced sorcerer with exceptional jujutsu skills and a powerful cursed technique centered around ice manipulation, poses a formidable challenge. With Uraume's ability to employ Reverse Cursed Technique for self-healing and their high cursed energy levels, Utahime, a Semi-grade 1 sorcerer, faces an uphill battle.

While Utahime's jujutsu abilities remain relatively unknown, it is possible that she possesses a hidden trump card, such as a Domain Expansion or other signature moves yet to be revealed. The clash between these two enigmatic opponents would shed light on their true capabilities. The odds may seem stacked against Utahime, but with her recent power-up and newfound resolve, she brings hope for a different outcome, striving to break the tragic cycle that has plagued the female sor

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