Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna's Unleashed Power Begins to Emerge

Jul 17, 2023
Chapter 228 of Jujutsu Kaisen marked a small victory for Gojo, but it's clear that Sukuna still has a multitude of tricks up his sleeve, yet to be revealed.
Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna's Unleashed Power Begins to Emerge

In the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, the intense battle between Gojo Satoru and Sukuna continues to unfold. While the two adversaries are evenly matched, Gojo gains the upper hand towards the end of the chapter. However, even in this precarious situation, Gojo senses that Sukuna is far from using his full power.

Despite utilizing Megumi Fushiguro as his vessel, Sukuna has refrained from employing any techniques other than his innate one. This is surprising considering Sukuna's access to the 10 Shadows Technique and the assumption that all ten shikigami have been tamed. Sukuna's decision to withhold these abilities suggests that he may be using Gojo as a yardstick to measure his own power, rather than unleashing his full potential immediately.

Sukuna Has More Power Than He’s Using

Sukuna possesses far more power than he has currently displayed. Apart from his domain-based slashing technique, which activates within Malevolent Shrine, Sukuna has not revealed the extent of his true capabilities. While fans are aware of his ability to manifest cursed energy into slashing attacks through Dismantle and Cleave, as well as his manipulation of fire, the details of his innate technique remain a mystery. As one of history's most formidable sorcerers, Sukuna possesses a profound understanding of cursed energy and has spent centuries perfecting his enigmatic technique, making him an even more formidable opponent.

Additionally, Sukuna also possesses the innate technique of his vessel, Megumi Fushiguro, a member of the Zenin Clan known for their renowned 10 Shadows technique. This ability is the only known technique capable of withstanding and countering the Six Eyes and Limitless techniques of the Gojo clan. It is surprising that Sukuna hasn't utilized this technique more prominently. Previous chapters showed Sukuna taming shikigami that Fushiguro had not yet controlled, such as Round Deer and Piercing Ox, indicating that he has likely subjugated all ten shikigami. This means Sukuna could potentially summon Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, the sole shadow that had never been tamed in the history of the Zenin technique.

With this arsenal of abilities at his disposal, Sukuna becomes nearly unbeatable. If he employs Fushiguro's technique, he could conceal objects or even himself within shadows, making sneak attacks a viable strategy. It's evident that the King of Curses is deliberately holding back, but the closing moments of Chapter 228 suggest that he is about to reveal his true strength.

Sukuna Had No Need To Take Damage

In the current chapter, Gojo manages to land a blow on Sukuna, weakening him to the point where he can no longer sustain his domain. However, it is more likely that Sukuna intentionally allowed himself to be injured as a means of analysis, rather than a sign of weakness. While both combatants engage in a battle of Domain Expansions, Sukuna carefully observes Gojo. The sorcerer's fighting style constantly adapts, as demonstrated by his ability to create a domain barrier smaller than a basketball, previously believed to be impossible.

By playing it safe and allowing Gojo to unveil more techniques, Sukuna gains an opportunity to compare their strengths and test the sorcerer. Consequently, he willingly sustains injury within Gojo's domain. Had he unleashed the 10 Shadows technique or revealed his innate technique, Sukuna could have effortlessly evaded any damage and retaliated with his numerous abilities. However, for the purpose of assessing his own power, Sukuna chooses to take damage and closely observe Gojo's new conditions.

As Chapter 228 concludes, Sukuna finally employs Fushiguro's technique, indicating that he has decided it is time to reveal his true strength. Despite the battle having spanned six chapters thus far, Sukuna has only just begun to demonstrate his full potential. While Gojo remains the most powerful sorcerer of the present era, he could face considerable challenges as the fight progresses.

Although Gojo is the only one to have successfully inflicted significant damage, he is not faring as well as Sukuna. Even after enduring Sukuna's relentless onslaught in Malevolent Shrine, Gojo utilizes his Reverse Cursed Technique to fully heal himself, concealing any visible signs of harm. However, this doesn't mean he is faring excellently.

Gojo Is Showing Signs of Fatigue

The constant strain of using his cursed energy and technique at an elevated output is taking its toll on Gojo. While the external signs may not be apparent, the mental fatigue alone would be overwhelming for most jujutsu sorcerers. Continuously adapting his innate abilities and modifying the conditions of his technique mid-battle is an incredible feat that demands immense mental strength and power.

In addition to mental fatigue, Gojo's body is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Although he quickly regenerates from Sukuna's attacks and appears unharmed, the sorcerer's body is undoubtedly sustaining considerable self-inflicted damage. The chapter concludes with Gojo's nose bleeding, a clear indication of his internal fatigue and the toll his body has endured. The rapid expenditure of cursed energy, frequent summoning of domains, and repeated use of the Reverse Cursed Technique have depleted Gojo's reserves, and the effects are starting to manifest.

While Gojo has given his all from the start, Sukuna is only just beginning to reveal his true power. He has yet to utilize any cursed technique beyond his domain expansion, nor has he unveiled his innate technique or fully harnessed Fushiguro's abilities. Instead, Sukuna has chosen to strategically analyze the depths of Gojo's capabilities. Having assessed his opponent, Sukuna now summons shikigami and is prepared to elevate the battle to the next level. However, it appears that Gojo has reached his limit and will likely struggle to keep up as the fight intensifies.

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