• Kenjaku's body-hopping ability allows him to gain the Cursed Techniques of the sorcerer's body he inhabits, giving him a wide range of powers.
  • Kenjaku's Domain Expansion, Womb Profusion, manifests in the real world and affects everyone within a certain area, making it one of the strongest in the series.
  • Kenjaku's greatest strength lies in his intellect, as he has been planning and manipulating events for over a thousand years, always staying two steps ahead of everyone else.

Jujutsu Kaisen unfolds a narrative populated with formidable characters possessing overwhelming abilities. From the likes of Gojo Satoru to Ryomen Sukuna, sorcerers spanning different historical eras exhibit remarkable prowess in combat. The Culling Game arc intensifies this power dynamic, resurrecting the mightiest figures from Japan's past and present to engage in epic clashes. The orchestrator behind this extraordinary convergence is the enigmatic ancient sorcerer known as Kenjaku.

While Kenjaku has only unveiled his true power in a singular confrontation, his true strength lies in his exceptional intellect. He devises a grand plan to unleash a colossal, all-consuming curse driven by insatiable curiosity. Nevertheless, Kenjaku is no stranger to the battlefield, demonstrating a mastery over Cursed Techniques and a profound understanding of Jujutsu sorcery. His capabilities on par with even Sukuna himself, Kenjaku emerges as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing the depth of his sorcerer prowess.

Kenjaku's Multiple Cursed Techniques Make Him Hard to Deal With


Despite all the time that Jujutsu Kaisen fans have known Pseudo-Geto's true identity to be Kenjaku, it still has never been made clear whether he is a sorcerer or a Cursed Spirit. What is known, however, is that Kenjaku is the brain with the mouth that lives inside his victim's head, and whenever he inhabits a new body, he gains access to all the memories of that body.

The biggest advantage to this body-hopping, which is Kenjaku's own innate Cursed Technique, is the fact that he can also gain the Cursed Technique of the sorcerer's body that he inhabits. This was best seen in his fight against Yuki Tsukumo and Choso, where he was inhabiting Suguru Geto's body and so, could use his Cursed Spirit Manipulation against them, utilizing all spirits from weak Grade 1's to super strong Special Grades Curses.


However, Kenjaku can do more than just use the Technique of the body he inhabits. Since he has been alive for thousands of years and has inhabited countless bodies in this time, his body-swapping also allows him to use the Cursed Techniques of characters that he had inhabited in the past, as was seen in the same fight against Yuki and Choso where he used Kaori Itadori's anti-gravity Cursed Technique to protect himself against their projectiles.

While it is unclear and unlikely that he can use every single one of the techniques that he has come across over the last 1000 years, it is confirmed that, at the very least, he can use the technique of the body that he currently inhabits as well as that of the body he inhabited before, such as anti-gravity and Cursed Spirit Manipulation being used together against Yuki and Choso. A repertoire like this easily puts Kenjaku at the Special Grade level, as it allowed him to win a 2-on-1 fight against two immensely powerful opponents.

Kenjaku's Domain Expansion Might Be the Strongest in the Series


Domain Expansions are said to be the pinnacle of Jujutsu sorcery. By using a Domain Expansion, sorcerers typically create a barrier that is separate from the outside world, which is essentially the manifestation of the innate Domain that exists within themselves. Inside this Domain, the Cursed Technique of the sorcerer has a sure-hit effect, which means that the opponent caught inside it will undoubtedly get hit by the technique. This is why Domain Expansions used in a fight usually spell victory for the user.

However, this is another reason why Kenjaku is different from most sorcerers. Other than Sukuna's Domain, Kenjaku's 'Womb Profusion' is the only Domain Expansion that manifests in the real world. This means that while other Domains create a separate reality/sphere, Kenjaku's Domain doesn't, instead forming in the real world and affecting everyone within a certain area which he can increase or decrease.


The manga also revealed that Kenjaku is the second-best user of Domain Expansion after Sukuna, and Womb Profusion is a perfect example of that. Though much of the DE remains a mystery, it was stated to be so powerful that its mere activation was able to whittle down the walls of Yuki's Domain, leading to her being unable to open it and leaving her susceptible to Kenjaku's sure-hit attacks.

The sure-hit of the Domain is also not entirely clear, as it was dispelled by Master Tengen at the first opportunity. What is known, however, is that after Kenjaku uses the hand seals to open the Domain, a giant and grotesque tower comprised of Cursed Spirits forms behind him instead of a barrier that closes off people from the outside world. The sure-hit is essentially a powerful and explosive force similar to Maximum Uzumaki.

Kenjaku's Intellect is Unmatched


Though an incredibly powerful Domain Expansion and multiple Cursed Techniques certainly help in battle, the true reason why Kenjaku is such a massive threat is due to his incredible intellect. Every single thing that is going on right now in Jujutsu Kaisen is a result of over a thousand years of Kenjaku's meticulous planning.

He is the reason why Yuji exists in the first place, as he needed the perfect vessel to house Sukuna so, he took over the body of Kaori Itadori and created Yuji. Moreover, it was due to his planning and actions that Gojo Satoru was trapped within the Prison Realm, which eventually led to the Shibuya Incident taking place. He was able to use the face and memories of Geto to trick Gojo for just long enough to get trapped which would not have happened if Kenjaku wasn't as smart as he was.


His ultimate plan is to optimize Cursed Energy to its maximum degree and the way he plans to do that is by merging the population of Japan with Master Tengen to create a powerful Cursed Spirit, something that he has been planning for over 1000 years. This plan culminated in the Culling Game, where Kenjaku brought back many ancient sorcerers to make them fight so they can leak enough cursed energy to finalize his plan.

Kenjaku's intellect was most impressive in his fight against Fumihiko Takaba. Takaba was a comedian with a Cursed Technique that allowed him to do pretty much whatever he wanted, but only if he found it funny. Due to this, Takaba did not understand how his technique worked. However, during their fight, Kenjaku was able to understand the conditions of the technique and used them to play on Takaba's insecurities, eventually coming out on top by using his enemy's own power against him.

Kenjaku's genius allowed him to manipulate and steer events in his favor in order for him to always realize his goals. Due to this, he was always two steps ahead of everyone else in the story. However, in the latest chapters of the manga, Kenjaku was caught off-guard and decapitated by Yuta in a surprise attack and though it seems he may be dead, many fans think that the last of Kenjaku is yet to be seen.

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