Popular anime and manga series Jujutsu Kaisen features several well-known characters. Fans all across the world like the series' main antagonist, Sukuna. In order to accomplish his objectives, Sukuna, a famous bad jujutsu sorcerer, gets reborn inside of the main protagonist Yuji's body. Despite the fact that Sukuna's exact intentions remain a mystery, it is obvious from the indications shown so far in Jujutsu Kaisen that he is capable of causing a catastrophic tragedy.

Fans haven't been provided a lot of information on Sukuna, despite the fact that she is the main adversary. Despite the fact that Sukuna's fame and status as a curse make him seem like an obvious antagonist, Jujutsu Kaisen may be using his persona to introduce a really cunning surprise. The story has made several allusions to Sukuna perhaps being supportive of Yuji. Despite the small frequency of these instances, they should nonetheless be taken into account.


Legend of the demon Sukuna. Facts you didn't know

Jujutsu Kaisen Theory: What if Sukuna Isn't Really an Antagonist?_0

Sukuna, the King of Curses, was a Jujutsu Sorcerer who lived during the golden age of Jujutsu over 1000 years before the events of Jujutsu Kaisen take place. Though it was never properly explained, he had two heads and four arms despite being human. In Japanese folklore and mythology, there was an individual named Sukuna who was known for his strength and intelligence. Sukuna, being crowned with that title is a symbol of him possessing the same attributes in both strength and personality.

According to Gojo Satoru, Sukuna was so strong that sorcerers had to combine their powers to defeat Sukuna. Even then, they couldn't destroy him. Ultimately, the sorcerers from that era had to cut off all of Sukuna's fingers and seal them as curse objects. Over a millennium has passed, but his powers still remain. His fingers were listed as special-grade curse objects strong enough to remain intact even after a direct hit from Gojo.


Sukuna Attempts to Return Yuji's Body

Jujutsu Kaisen Theory: What if Sukuna Isn't Really an Antagonist?_1

During the first arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, the higher-ups tricked the first years to take care of a difficult mission. It was an elaborate plot set by them to get rid of Yuji, a threat to the Jujutsu society while Gojo was away on another mission. Things went according to their plan when the cursed womb there transformed into a special grade curse, something which the first years were too inexperienced to take care of. Things take a turn for the worse when the cursed womb cast a domain expansion and traps the first years there. Luckily, it was an incomplete one, thus Megumi was able to find an escape route.

As soon as Megumi escapes the place, he sends Yuji a signal, and Sukuna takes control of Yuji's body. Needless to say, Sukuna defeats the cursed womb without even trying. After that, Sukuna actually tries to give Yuji his body back. He calls for Yuji a few times and tries to wake him up. However, when Yuji doesn't respond, Sukuna does become happy. Though it should be considered that if Sukuna was truly evil, he wouldn't have tried to give Yuji his body back. No villain would want the best for the protagonist.


The oath made Sakuna and Yuji cannot be separated from each other

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This is yet another incident that hints at Sukuna not being as evil as he seems. After he "kills" Yuji, the two have a conversation in Sukuna's subconscious. Yuji was extremely hostile towards Sukuna for killing him. However, Sukuna was rather calm and tries to have a conversation with Yuji. Sukuna proposes a deal where he will revive Yuji, and they can both continue living as before. The only catch was that Yuji will have to agree to make a Binding Vow with him. There were two conditions that involves the vow.

Firstly, the vow will allow Sukuna to take over Yuji's body for a minute without the latter's consent. Secondly, Yuji will forget everything about the vow. Obviously, Yuji declines such a shady deal without a second thought. Then, to convince him, Sukuna promises that during the one minute he is in control, he won't hurt or kill any human. It was not an empty promise since breaking a Binding Vow would mean certain death to humans and spirits alike. Therefore, this vow could possibly mean that Sukuna may not be completely evil. After all, what kind of antagonist promises to never hurt another person?


The sakuna image resembles Kurama in Naruto. Not a villain

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Concluding that Sukuna isn't really an antagonist using only these two incidents seem to be a bit far-fetched. There are several other reasons to believe that Sukuna may turn out to be a decent character. As mentioned earlier, Sukuna's name was derived from Japanese folklore and mythologies. The stories talk about a mysterious figure named Ryomen Sukuna with great strength and wit. In many stories, he was considered a terrible being and perhaps even a demon. However, in the areas Sukuna -- the one in the stories -- once roamed, he was considered a hero who rebelled against Japan's tyrannical government. By now, fans are aware that the Jujutsu world is full of politics and deceit. Not all sorcerers are good people. They would adopt any overhanded tactics for their own gain.

There is a high likelihood that ancient Japan's tyrannical government mentioned in the legends could be paralleled with the higher-ups of the Jujutsu world. With that possibility, it can be considered that the Sukuna (Jujutsu Sorcerer) that existed over 1000 years ago was going against the authorities and had to be brought down. All the information about him has been passed down through legends or history books. Therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that supports the legends. In simple words, the truth could have been tampered with by whoever was ruling the Jujutsu world at that time.