Jujutsu Kaisen's Chapter 211 advances the timeline from the previous chapters and resets it to the present. Only a few hours have passed since the fight between Kenjaku, Choso, and Yuki and two days since the foreign military invasion of the Culling Game. Now that Maki is with Yuji's group, she shares with them the fates of Yuki and Tengen that she learned from Choso. The situation involving the non-sorcerer soldiers appears to be resolved, so Kenjaku's preparations for the merger with Tengen ought to be finished.

If the preparations are finished, which there is no reason to think they aren't, it begs the question of why the merger hasn't started yet. As of right now, Japan seems to be operating as usual, with the exception of a few more susceptible people getting sick. Megumi hypothesizes that this may be because the merger cannot begin for some reason or that Kenjaku does not yet want to complete it. If the former is true, it probably means that a crucial component of the puzzle is still missing.


Megumi and Tsukimi Have Been Reunited

Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi's Reunion With Tsumiki Takes a Shocking Turn_0

After deliberating over everything that has occurred, Maki concludes that the only positive outcome for them is that the back of the Prison Realm is still safe. To put it another way, now that Angel is on their side, Gojo could be freed very soon, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Within the story, it has been just over two weeks since Gojo's imprisonment, but for Jujutsu Kaisen readers, it has been more than two years since the chapter it occurred in. Because Yuki's death demonstrated how difficult it is to defeat Kenjaku, freeing Gojo should now be a top priority.

The group decides that their next order of business is to finally add a rule that allows players to withdraw from the Culling Game. With this, Tsumiki won't have to be a player and can remain safe from the death battles. However, Kogane denies Megumi's attempt to add that rule. It instead suggests that players may be allowed to withdraw if they invite a new player from outside the colony as a substitute, in addition to spending 100 points. Megumi doesn't like this because if someone wants to withdraw, they would have to kill at least twenty players to earn those 100 points.

Megumi accepts Kogane's suggestion since the alternatives are riskier for Tsumiki. Fortunately, they already have more than enough points, and Ijichi agrees to be Tsumiki's substitute. Interestingly, when Tsumiki enters the colony, she somehow immediately ends up at Megumi and Yuji's location. This is odd, considering the fact that the barrier transfers players to random locations when they enter. This is why Yuji and Megumi were separated earlier in the arc, after all.


The True Motives of Tsukimi

Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi's Reunion With Tsumiki Takes a Shocking Turn_1

As if that weren't strange enough, Megumi shockingly orders Kogane to add a rule that allows free entry and exit from the colonies, and it doesn't object. This happens after Megumi gives Tsumiki the 100 points she needs to leave the Culling Game. This unexpected turn of events has left Megumi and Yuji visibly shocked and perplexed. Megumi nervously asks Tsumiki who she is as the chapter comes to an end, and Tsumiki turns to face the group with a cunning expression. Although the meaning of all of this is unclear, there are a few plausible theories.

Tsumiki may be a vessel for an incarnated sorcerer from the past, and that sorcerer is currently in control of her body. Alternatively, Tsumiki may have consciously allied with Kenjaku for reasons yet unknown. Whatever the case, none of this bodes well for Megumi. Everything he has done in the Culling Game so far has been for Tsumiki's sake, but she may have been an enemy this entire time.