The anime world has been charmed by Hirohiko Araki's pioneering shonen JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Never before has a story taken so many unexpected turns, with so many varied and unique abilities. The Stardust Crusaders chapter is significant in the tale since it introduces Araki's Stand powers into this dimension.

A Stand is a "fighting spirit" who can manifest as anything from a swordsman to a plate of pasta. These characters have a variety of abilities, but their users typically use their own imagination to bolster themselves. Even mediocre Stands can be devastating when combined with an excellent plan, therefore it's critical to avoid judging any Stands only on appearances.

Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has accomplished what few shonen series can: it has been entertaining for over 35 years. The story of the Josestar family is far from ended, and Araki's manga has recently reached Part 9, The JOJOLands, with a bright, new JoJo, Jodio Joestar. This constant innovation has led to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's longevity. Each volume of the ongoing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure story adds new allies, opponents, and Stands, some of which are extremely powerful while others hardly serve a purpose.

Strongest Stands In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Green Day (Golden Wind)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind has some of the franchise's most terrifying threats, and by the end, Rome has been devastated. Cioccolata is one of Giorno and company's more erratic and unexpected foes on their route to Diavolo.

Cioccolata's Green Day emits a horrible mist-like mold that consumes the majority of the city. Green Day, like Purple Haze, has the potential to destroy the planet under the right circumstances, and JoJo can only keep it alive for a limited time.


Metallica (Golden Wind)

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There's no shortage of Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that weaponize different elements in the world. However, Risotto's Metallica proves particularly fatal due to basic human anatomy. Metallica is a Stand that can manipulate iron, which includes external forces where crude metals become deadly weapons.

Metallica’s power also applies to the generous amount of iron that's in a human's blood. Risotto can use Metallica to turn their target's blood into sharp blades and put them in excruciating pain as a human pin cushion.

Sticky Fingers (Golden Wind)

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One of the most interesting elements in JoJo’z Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is that Bruno Bucciarati feels a lot more like the series’ “JoJo” than its actual protagonist, Giorno Giovanna. Bruno benefits from a versatile Stand, Sticky Fingers, that produces tears in reality that can be used for transportation or strategic evasion.


This makes Sticky Fingers useful in both an offensive and defensive capacity. It’s a Stand that has limitless potential when it’s in the right hands, and Bruno has effectively used Sticky Fingers to gain control of his own gang.

Heaven's Door (Diamond Is Unbreakable)

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Heaven's Door is Rohan Kishibe's tremendously powerful support Stand. Many fans believe Rohan Kishibe is a manga artist and that he is an author insert character for Araki himself. Heaven's Door, Rohan's Stand, has the unrivaled capacity to change a person's intentions and history.

If Heaven's Door makes effective touch with its intended recipient, they can open it like a book and write commands or take things away. These directives can range from totally changing the individual's language to compelling them to fly backwards or even erasing their memory. Heaven's Door's various powers, paired with Rohan's quick wit, make him a deadly foe to confront in any situation.


Purple Haze (Golden Wind)

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Purple Haze is the Stand of Pannacotta Fugo, Bucciarati's squad's brains. Fugo is introduced in Golden Wind as a calm academic who frequently erupts over minor annoyances. Fugo's Stand brilliantly depicts his fierce battling attitude, while the hungry Purple Haze evokes a violent, unpredictable mayhem. Killer Infection, Purple Haze's unique ability, is also a particularly lethal technique.

Killer Infection absorbs its prey when Purple Haze strikes it, only to dissolve it into goo in 30 seconds or less. Purple Haze is so enraged that he is as dangerous to his allies as he is to his adversaries. Purple Haze is only seen fighting once in Golden Wind before Fugo's early exit, owing to Araki's realization that he was too powerful to stay.


Star Platinum: The World (Stardust Crusaders)

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Star Platinum, the absolute icon of Stardust Crusaders, is controlled by perhaps the most famous JoJo: Jotaro Kujo. Throughout Stardust Crusaders and well into Diamond is Unbreakable, Star Platinum proves to be one of the most powerful Stands, whether it's through its crushing melee force, its pinpoint accuracy, or even its legendary ability to stop time.


Jotaro is a silent, muscular, and intimidating Stand user. He's often able to act calm under pressure and deliver on all of his tough talk. Between his cool presence and Star Platinum's incredible power, it is hard to imagine any Stand users more powerful than Jotaro.

King Crimson (Golden Wind)

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King Crimson is a divisive figure in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom, owing to the enigmatic nature of its tremendous abilities. In essence, King Crimson erases time, allowing it to act and react to the previously wiped time. This is difficult to visualize in the manga. However, JoJo's anime properly portrays Diavolo's King Crimson's fearsome powers.

Even when at its most vulnerable, King Crimson keeps the most powerful Stands on high alert. For decades, King Crimson and Diavolo were unstoppable. The only confirmed way to defeat King Crimson is with a Stand that has gotten the advanced upgrade of the Stand Arrow.


Golden Experience Requiem

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Golden Experience Requiem is similar to King Crimson, but in reverse and with additional cosmic benefits. Its powers focus upon restoring items that have been affected by time effects (such as King Crimson's) to their original state. Furthermore, anyone who is hit by Giorno's Golden Experience Requiem while in this time-space is compelled to relive their own death over and over.

According to Gold Experience Requiem, these new realities become habitual, and the user is unaware that they are producing this existential upheaval. Giorno Giovanna can beat King Crimson and become the uncontested Boss of Passione with this universe-altering Stand.


Weakest Stands In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Bastet (Stardust Crusaders)

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Stardust Crusaders is the JoJo saga that introduces Stands, as well as some wild swings while Araki tries to figure out how these tremendous powers function. Mariah has a Stand named Bastet that looks a lot like an electrical outlet. Bastet feels like a throwaway gag in Stardust Crusaders because there are so many opponent Stands.

Its power can be rather annoying at times, although it still pales in comparison to most Stands. Contact with Bastet transforms the person into a magnet that gradually grows stronger, a disadvantage that can also affect the Stand's own user, Mariah.


Achtung Baby (Diamond Is Unbreakable)

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JoJo fans will be introduced to the small town of Morioh, as well as Josuke Higashikata and his eccentric gang of friends, in Diamond is Unbreakable. Diamond is Unbreakable takes JoJo into more episodic slice-of-life terrain, especially when Joseph Joestar and Josuke uncover an unseen baby and declare him an honorary member of the family.

Shizuka Joestar possesses the Stand, Achtung Baby, which does not have its own physical form and is instead forever bound to Shizuka. However, this invisibility is more annoying than useful. Although invisibility is useful for investigating, Achtung Baby lacks physical strength and cannot harm anyone.

Hermit Purple (Stardust Crusaders)

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One of the titular JoJos, however, possesses one of the weaker Stands. The elder Joseph Joestar can use his Stand to kickstart the Stardust Crusaders' hunt for the evil DIO by attacking a Polaroid camera or television screen, but it can't do much else.

Some believe that Hermit Purple is how Joseph understood what his opponents were thinking during Battle Tendency. This contributed to Joseph's winning slogan, "Your next line is...." However, this hypothesis is still only a speculation.


Moody Blues (Golden Wind)

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Moody Blues in Golden Wind allows its user, Leone Abbacchio, to replay past events with a great amount of detail. While this ability is impressive for information gathering and detective work, it doesn't make for a powerhouse in its own right, often requiring the aid of other characters during battles.


While broadcasting the replay, Moody Blues is even more vulnerable to attacks — which wouldn't be a big deal if Moody Blues was a big fighter, but it isn't. This is somewhat disappointing, as the character this Stand belongs to is very interesting. Unfortunately, their combat potential just isn't very strong.

Cinderella (Diamond Is Unbreakable)

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Cinderella in Diamond Is Unbreakable is not a combat Stand, but rather a cosmetic one. Its user, Aya Tsuji, is a beautician who works hard to give people the bodies they want. Her Stand allows her to change others' appearances, often only for 30 minutes. In some rare cases, she can permanently change their appearances, depending on client approval.

Even with her ability to remove entire limbs, Cinderella isn't a fighter, preferring to help people realize who they want to be. Unfortunately, Cinderella's user Aya becomes a victim in the scheme of Yoshikage Kira, who ultimately kills her.

Mr. President (Golden Wind)

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Mr. President is the Stand of a tortoise named Coco Jumbo, proving that even animals can have Stands. Mr. President is not a combatant, but instead, a room housed within the red gem of a key. Mr. President and Coco Jumbo are essential in helping Team Bucciarati survive Golden Wind.

When the key is placed upon Coco Jumbo's back, a person may place their hand upon the key to enter into the room — a small pocket dimension of sorts. Obviously, this Stand is not very helpful in a fight, since going into the room doesn't even defend from the effects of other Stands.

Khnum (Stardust Crusaders)

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Khnum is truly the weakest Stand in all of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Its ability is Transfiguration, allowing its user to take the appearance of another person. The problem is that Khnum gives its user no additional abilities. Furthermore, its user Oingo is a complete fool, often played for comedy rather than any sort of drama.

Oingo's only attempt to attack the Joestars ended due to his own bad luck, and literally no other interference. Khnum itself has no personality or additional abilities, making it the weakest Stand in terms of capability and lethality.