The following contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225, "Inhuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown, Part 3" onwards by Gege Akutami, John Werry, and Snir Aharon, available in English from Manga Monster.

Satoru Gojo's reputation as the most powerful character in Jujutsu Kaisen positions him as an exceptionally formidable adversary in battle. However, his remarkable skill doesn't automatically translate into proficiency as an instructor. As a sorcerer, part of Gojo's responsibilities involves preparing the younger generation to become skilled sorcerers themselves. Yet, his students widely agree that aside from combat lessons, Gojo struggles immensely when it comes to teaching the intricate aspects of jujutsu. Surprisingly, Yuta Okkotsu, Gojo's star pupil, had never witnessed a proper practical demonstration of certain techniques until Gojo's epic showdown with Sukuna.

Gojo's inability to teach stems not from a lack of understanding of these techniques, but rather because his own inherited technique makes them as natural to him as breathing. His Six Eyes grant him an unparalleled perception of everything he witnesses, enabling him to analyze jujutsu phenomena with great precision. Gojo has rarely had to exert much effort in learning these techniques himself, making it challenging for him to effectively teach them to others. Fortunately for his students, a golden opportunity arises as Gojo's first chance to unleash his entire arsenal is being broadcasted live with incredible quality. This allows them to closely follow the fight and analyze its progression together, creating a dark parody of a group school discussion.


Mei Mei's Cursed Technique Is Broadcasting Gojo Vs Sukuna In Real Time

Always eager to seize an opportunity for some extra income, Mei Mei, a Grade 1 sorcerer, has taken it upon herself to broadcast an extraordinary jujutsu battle to the entire world. Utilizing her cursed technique, Black Bird Manipulation, Mei Mei is transmitting the collective vision of a murder of crows observing the intense clash between Gojo and Sukuna. This endeavor resembles her previous feat of allowing the teachers at Jujutsu High to remotely witness the Team Battle during the Kyoto Goodwill event, but on a much grander scale. Mei Mei has established a pay-per-view system that enables people worldwide, including non-sorcerers, to watch the fight.

Gojo's students fully recognize the value of this golden opportunity. They have gathered around a network of large screens, eager to witness their sensei's most crucial battle and to glean any insights that could aid them in defeating Sukuna should Gojo prove unable to do so. The assembly comprises all surviving students from Jujutsu High, as well as Miwa Kasumi and Nishimiya Momo from Kyoto High, Hajime Kashimo, Mei Mei, Ui Ui, Atsuya Kusakube, Shoko Ieri, Choso, and The Angel. As they closely observe the battle's unfolding, their discussion allows fans to grasp the intricacies of jujutsu techniques without disrupting the immersion of the story. Moreover, it sheds light on several new techniques that each character may be exploring and learning about.


Yuta Is Learning New Techniques By Observing Gojo Vs Sukuna

Similar to Gojo, Yuta Okkotsu is hailed as a prodigy in the realm of jujutsu. Despite lacking the Six Eyes that grant automatic understanding of certain concepts, Yuta exhibits a remarkable affinity for every jujutsu technique he attempts, astonishingly grasping them with ease. Notably, he has even developed a unique cursed technique that allows him to replicate the techniques of other sorcerers. Within a mere six months of entering the jujutsu world, Yuta had already mastered the reverse cursed technique, including its application for healing others—a skill that most sorcerers never attain for themselves. However, Yuta's limited experience remains his primary hindrance. Compared to formidable figures like Gojo and Sukuna, he is still a fledgling sorcerer. What better way for Yuta to bridge the gap between himself and these titans than by closely observing their attempts to curse each other?

Beyond the exchange of physical blows, the battle between Gojo and Sukuna serves as a defining moment that showcases the immense potential of Domain Expansions and other high-level techniques. Yuta has already witnessed firsthand how open-ended Domains fare against those with rigid and refined boundaries. He has discovered that Domains can be highly customizable through the binding of vows and that the key to optimizing them lies in forming a vivid mental image of the desired mental effects within the Domain. While Yuta has made previous attempts at casting a Domain Expansion, they were thwarted when two other sorcerers simultaneously unleashed theirs. However, armed with the knowledge he has gained thus far, Yuta's next successful Domain Expansion could prove impregnable from both external and internal forces.

Of all the feats observed since the battle commenced, the one that most excited Yuta was Gojo's utilization of reverse cursed technique to replenish his depleted original cursed technique when his Domain Expansion collapsed. If Yuta manages to replicate this move from Gojo's repertoire, his own strongest technique could receive a substantial boost. Currently, Yuta can only maintain a sustained connection with Rika, his shikigami-like manifestation, for approximately five minutes. In this state, he gains access to all the cursed techniques he has copied thus far, an unlimited reserve of cursed energy, and the full manifestation of Rika's power. However, with the ability to replenish his cursed technique, Yuta could extend his connection with Rika far beyond the current five-minute limit, unlocking even greater potential.

Kashimo and Hakari Are Studying Sukuna For Future Reference

Since Kashimo appeared, the reincarnated sorcerer has had the singular motive to defeat Sukuna in battle. In his original lifetime, fighting the King of Curses was a dream of his, which is why he agreed to Kenjaku's offer of reincarnation and participation in the Culling Games. Kashimo is still quite a wildcard since he has refused to use his cursed technique until now, stating that he would activate it against Sukuna and no one else. It's sure to be one of the series' most powerful merely judging by Kashimo's cursed energy, which has properties of electricity.

Even without his cursed technique, Kashimo is sufficiently powerful as evidenced by his battle against Hakari. While fighting the student that Gojo predicted would rise to his level someday, Kashimo remained undaunted as Hakari continued to dominate with his complicated cursed technique. In fact, when it almost seemed like he would lose the battle, Kashimo appeared to enjoy it even more. Both he and Hakari are paying close attention to Gojo and Sukuna's match, and from what he's seen so far, Kashimo still appears confident about his chances of defeating him. He's even gone so far as to ask Hakari not to interrupt if he gets the opportunity to fight Sukuna.

Just like Yuta, Hakari should be taking note of the various new abilities Gojo has displayed so far and incorporating them into his own fighting style. Those two students are carrying the bulk of expectations from both fans and in-universe characters should Gojo fall to Sukuna. Having been declared as potential successors to the title of strongest sorcerer alive, they're watching and learning exactly the kind of expertise that title would entail. With the foreknowledge of Sukuna's abilities that they've gotten so far, both Yuta and Hakari will have an upper hand against the King of Curses if they do fight—at least for now.