Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, or DanMachi, is a popular anime that has recently returned to the air. Unlike the previous seasons, which had only 12 episodes each, the fourth is expected to have around double that number, split into two separate courses.

As a result, the first part is essentially a season in and of itself, with a lot of content. As a result, it may be difficult to recall everything that occurred prior to the start of the second course, but hopefully this guide will assist in retrieving those memories.

Bell's Party is Still Trapped in the Dungeon

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The Hestia Familia set out into the Dungeon after being assigned an expedition quest by the Guild. Unlike the previous seasons, where much of the story took place outside of the Dungeon, this season took place almost entirely within it. They entered the Dungeon with the entire Hestia Familia, Ouka and Chigusa from the Takemikazuchi Familia, Daphne and Cassandra from the Miach Familia, and Aisha, who was previously a member of the Ishtar Familia but is now a member of Hermes'.

In order to collect materials for their quest, they had to get to the Dungeon's 25th–27th floors, where the Water Palace was located. After completing the quest, they intended to stay longer and do more exploring, but they became entangled in a plot by the surviving members of the Evilus organization to frame Ryuu Lion for murder. So, the group continued to try to save Ryuu before the situation got worse. Unfortunately, while doing so, Bell and Ryuu got separated from the group.


Bell and Ryuu Are Being Pursued in the White Palace

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The Irregular monster known as the Juggernaut was spawned in the Dungeon as a result of Evilus' actions, and it proceeded to kill every adventurer it saw. As a result, Bell and Ryuu were forced to fight it, and while things appeared to be looking up for them both at times, they were eventually beaten to within an inch of their lives by the monster. They only escaped because another monster swallowed them whole in an unexpected attack and burrowed deeper into the Dungeon.

The monster managed to dig as far down as the 37th Floor, also known as the White Palace due to the white coloring of everything there, before dying. As the first part of the Deep Floors, the monsters found here are much stronger than the ones Bell was used to fighting. To make matters worse, not only were both Bell and Ryuu severely wounded, but the Juggernaut was also following them down the tunnel, still in hot pursuit. Quite frankly, things couldn't have been worse.


Amphisbaena Is Attacking the Other Members of the Hestia Family

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The Floor Boss for the Water Palace floors spawned right after the other monster, making things even worse for Bell and Ryuu as the Dungeon tried to kill them with the Juggernaut. This was the worst kind of a surprise because it wasn't supposed to appear for another two weeks, which made it so strange. Even worse, it attacked the Hestia Familia right away after it arrived, almost as if the Dungeon was aiming for all of the group's associates and members.

The party was at a severe disadvantage in this situation due to the absence of Bell, its strongest member and leader. The party was facing a Floor Boss rated as a Level 6 threat, and even with Aisha there to support them, they lacked a lot of their initial power. At the start of this season's second half, Bell and his party will both be in dire straits, but hopefully, both teams will manage to escape the Dungeon.