The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss, "The Love of the Villainess Doesn't Reach," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss is an Isekai anime title of the Fall 2022 season where the adventure may be totally turned on its head at any moment. In its short runtime, it has featured snappy pacing and frequent plot twists, with each episode completely changing the game for Isekai villain Aileen d'Autriche.

Four episodes of Aileen's Journey can depict the entire course of an otome game. The third arc of the anime is now underway, and the plot is getting more intricate than ever. Selena Gilbert, a former protagonist, is now moving in on Aileen, who is surrounded by both allies and foes, including the cunning Isekai visitor Lilia Rainworth. Selena is in the capital when she shouldn't be, so Aileen must be on guard.


Selena Gilbert's Persistence as a Failed Otome Heroine

I'm the Villainess Hails the Return of [SPOILER] at the Worst Possible Time_0

Aileen is currently dealing with the memory-impaired, uncooperative Claude as well as Lilia's meta-manipulI'm ations in I'm the Villainess Episode 10. Claude is more interested in the Empire and his human half as the crown prince than she is in her initial quest to win him back and persuade him to once again become her demon king fiancé.

Aileen then confronts the defunct Otome heroine Selena Gilbert, who once threatened to stand in the way of Aileen and Claude in a dramatic love triangle at Mische Academy. Selena is also the one who attempted to provoke James Charles' demon side at the school festival, only to be stopped by Aileen and her student council team. With all of this in mind, Selena has plenty of reasons to lash out at Aileen and/or Claude and wreak havoc.


In Episode 10, Selena is more distraught than ever, with the impatient and angry young lady abandoning all pretenses of being a wholesome, sympathetic Otome protagonist. She used to be I'm the Villainess' version of Maria Campbell from My Next Life as a Villainess. In Episode 10, Selena has fully embraced villainy, or at the very least acts selfishly and without compassion.

Selena still looks up to the Holy Sword Maiden, an inspiring magical girl, but she is a long way from being a heroic maiden for the time being. She even broke her promise to stay in Mirchetta, sneaking around the Empire's capital with more demon incense in her possession. Aileen d'Autriche lets her go but keeps the incense, then concentrates on Claude for the rest of Episode 10 – but she'll run into Selena again soon.


What Selena's Return Could Mean for I'm the Villainess

I'm the Villainess Hails the Return of [SPOILER] at the Worst Possible Time_1

Although Aileen can only speculate, she has a general idea of what Selena intends to do with the demon incense in the capital of the Empire. Even though Selena uses more evil tactics than Aileen ever did, she is determined to succeed and establish herself as a great person. Selena previously attempted to use demon incense to reveal James' demon side at Mische Academy, and she may attempt to do the same to Claude here in the capital of the Empire. Selena might want to become a famous folk hero by purging the Empire of a half-demon who, in her opinion, is an accident waiting to happen.

Selena's roguish quest, on the other hand, could be more personal. She was publicly humiliated when Aileen and her allies foiled her plan at Mische Academy, and she has a rather hot temper and strong will for an Otome heroine. She tried and failed to win over Claude at Mische Academy, so perhaps she believed that if she couldn't have him, no one could. Claude has become a symbol of Selena's failure, so she may feel better if she declares him a demon and exiles or executes him. That said, if Aileen d'Autriche, the true heroine, can stop her first when I'm the Villainess continues, it may all be for naught.