How All Might Proves Quirkless Heroes Can Thrive In MHA

Aug 29, 2023
One For All allowed All Might to become the Symbol of Peace, but his Hercules armor shows how powerful he is, even without a single Quirk.
How All Might Proves Quirkless Heroes Can Thrive In MHA

Spoiler Alert: The following text discusses events from Chapter 398 of "My Hero Academia," titled "Toshinori Yagi Rising/Origin," created by Kohei Horikoshi, translated by Caleb Cook and John Hunt, and published in English by Manga Monster.

After expending the last remnants of his One For All power during the Kamino Incident, All Might's involvement as a hero diminished. Nevertheless, in the climax of the ultimate conflict in "My Hero Academia," he has undertaken the significant duty of diverting his former adversary, All For One, allowing Deku the chance to overcome Shigaraki. Bereft of his Quirk, the enormity of All Might's task might seem insurmountable. Yet, he's showcasing the essence of his rise as the paramount hero by bravely confronting the malevolent All For One, aided by a support gadget.

All Might's unwavering final stance has kindled fresh enthusiasm among enthusiasts regarding the potential of a genuinely Quirkless hero within the MHA universe. Devotees of the series, particularly Midoriya Izuku, the central character, are now pondering if the thematic significance that All Might's battle carries about heroism without a Quirk could have been even more profoundly probed through Deku and his expedition. Although this notion holds allure, it's equally apparent that the comprehensive foundation of All Might's background is pivotal to its triumph.

All Might Is Fated To Die Against All For One

All Might and Sir Nighteye break up their partnership in My Hero Academia anime

An integral aspect intensifying the tension in All Might's colossal clash with All For One is the lingering shadow of a prophecy hanging over the Symbol of Peace. Long before transferring One For All to Deku, All Might was confronted with a grim foretelling from Sir Nighteye, his former apprentice. This premonition warned that if he persisted on the path of reckless heroism, he would ultimately meet his end battling a formidable antagonist. Confronted by the unforeseen youthful manifestation of All For One, All Might's memory of the prophecy resurfaced, revealing why Sir Nighteye hadn't identified his arch-nemesis - a recognition that eluded All Might himself.

In spite of the prophecy's ominous prediction of his demise, All Might's confrontation with All For One isn't merely a diversionary tactic. Mirroring his approach whenever he donned the mantle of the Symbol of Peace to combat villains, All Might's intent remains to conquer All For One, who is arguably at the zenith of his power and instability. All Might's conviction in his impending triumph gained renewed strength from Deku, who defied a parallel prophecy from Sir Nighteye during his clash with Overhaul. Following that incident, All Might and his protégé forged a pact: rather than passively embracing a predetermined fate, they would reshape it with their own hands into a favorable outcome, mirroring Deku's earlier feat.

All Might’s Support Item Is Imitating Class 1-A’s Quirks

All Might in Hercules Armor in My Hero Academia manga

All Might's intricate mech suit dubbed the Hercules, has been ingeniously concealed as the black vehicle he's been piloting since the Dark Deku arc. The Hercules, also known as "Hercules," demonstrated remarkable resilience surpassing that of a typical car. When confronted by low-level vigilantes who launched a missile that detonated within the car, All Might be managed to survive by relinquishing the Hercules. Even the explosion couldn't mar the interior of the vehicle. This suit was masterminded by Melissa Shield, following the precise specifications furnished by All Might, rendering it endowed with capabilities known only to him.

Following a cue from Deku's strategies, All Might's Hercules suit has been meticulously designed to replicate the Quirks of his Class 1-A students. Each ability has been carefully selected. To illustrate a few instances, All Might has harnessed the defensive power of "Red," a network of reinforced armored plates akin to Kirishima Eijiro's Hardening Quirk, which shielded him from All For One's assault. For enhanced maneuverability and adversary constraint, durable metal cords have been seamlessly integrated into the suit, mirroring Deku's Blackwhip. To confound All For One further, potent electric currents incessantly surge through the simulated Blackwhip tendrils. This innovation has already proven remarkably effective in thwarting the villain's Regeneration Quirk. All Might has barely scratched the surface of the Hercules armor's potential, hinting at even greater capabilities yet to be explored.

Why Deku Couldn’t Have Worn All Might’s Hercules Suit

Deku, his fingers bruised and broken, at the My Hero Academia anime's Sport Festival

Even if borrowing from the strengths of his classmates’ Quirks and making them his own was a concept Deku pioneered, he never could have pulled it off on the scale that All Might currently is. Even without One For All, the wealth of experience that All Might amassed as the Symbol of Peace informs the risks he is taking against All For One. After existing for so long in a super-powered body, fighting from within Hercules is second nature to All Might at this point, whereas Deku would first have to get accustomed to the size and power Hercules affords him before learning to control the giant suit.

Additionally, Deku’s preferred fighting style would translate poorly when he was piloting Hercules. He often puts his own body on the line in order to gather information about his opponents, and once he’s figured out a winning strategy, pushes past his limits in order to secure a victory through sheer force of will. As All For One noted to All Might, machines can’t surpass their limits. Attempting a similar strategy from within Hercules would likely cost Deku his life, as it isn’t indestructible, just extremely durable. Unlike One For All, Hercules’ status as a machine means it doesn’t have a hidden depth of power to tap into just when he needs to.

The Significance of All Might’s Final Stand

All Might looking earnestly toward the camera while speaking to Nana Shimura

Since stepping down following the Kamino Incident, All Might has grappled with a sense of purpose. His very identity had long been synonymous with the Symbol of Peace. Ironically, despite wielding One For All for years, he had forgotten the very heroic ideals that had earned him this Quirk, until now. In the midst of the battle, a flashback unveiled his complete exchange with Nana Shimura during their initial encounter. The 7th inheritor of One For All was not only struck by his unwavering commitment to embodying the Symbol of Peace but also by his willingness to shoulder this responsibility without relying on any Quirks.

Though All Might might have momentarily lost sight of his own value, the same essence recognized by Nana Shimura continues to reside within him. How else could he have faced All For One in his diminished state? While All Might's primary objective might be to stall All For One's advancement towards UA, his struggle has evolved into a broader endeavor to rekindle the hope that both the remaining Pro-heroes and the general populace had forfeited during the Paranormal Liberation War. This undertaking has become yet another responsibility for All Might to fulfill as the Symbol of Peace. Given that he has transmitted these principles to Deku, this stands as another triumph for MHA's former Number One Hero.

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