Fans will not find anyone more devoted to a single person than Hua Cheng of Heaven Official's Blessing.

In Heaven Official's Blessing, Hua Cheng, feared as one of the Four Great Calamities, looks down on anyone he considers worthless and will not hesitate to let people know they are beneath him. Nonchalant, confident, and lazy, Hua Cheng spends most of his time presiding over Ghost City, though that term is now loosely applied as Hua Cheng rushed over to meet the god as soon as he heard Xie Lian had descended. Hua Cheng's devotion and commitment to Xie Lian are reflected in fan art by luh (@/beluhved).


The Silver Butterfly's Importance

The fan art depicts Xie Lian walking in the dim light, one hand close to his chest. Unbeknownst to him, a beautiful silver butterfly is fluttering behind him, casting a faint shimmering light on his path. While Hua Cheng is not physically beside Xie Lian, the silver butterflies represent Crimson Rain Sought Flower and, as such, represent how Hua Cheng will always be with Xie Lian. Although the butterflies appear to be harmless, Hua Cheng has previously used them to attack his enemies.

Heaven Official's Blessing or Tian Guan Ci Fu, a webnovel published by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, the author of Mo Dao Zu Shi or Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, was translated into donghua in October 2020. The donghua was Funimation's first Chinese animation series, and it was well-received by viewers. Due to the embezzlement arrest of the voice actor for Xie Lian, Season 2's release schedule has been questioned. In the first two episodes of the donghua, where a red-robed man went to greet Xie Lian when he dressed as a bride, the butterflies and Hua Cheng made an appearance. The man vanished into a cloud of silver butterflies as soon as Xie Lian employed Ruoye, his sentient silk band, to trap him.


Heaven Official's Blessing Information

Heaven Official's Blessing follows the fall of Xie Lian, a once-loved Crown Prince of the Xianle kingdom who ascended to godhood at the age of 17 and quickly fell from grace. Xie Lian, on the other hand, has been banished twice from the Heavens due to devastating events that destroyed him and his kingdom. Xie Lian, now in his third ascension, is content to wander the lands collecting scraps, unconcerned about how the other gods view him as a laughingstock. When he is assigned to investigate a case in the human realm, he encounters a young man dressed in maple red robes who appears to be interested in Xie Lian, much to his surprise. He is unaware that Xie Lian and the young man have a history.

Heaven Official's Blessing is available on Funimation, Crunchyroll and Netflix. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the novel for its English release.

Heaven Official's Blessing chapters are available to read on MangaMonster

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