In Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Suletta and Miorine are in for a huge surprise when parents and advertisements draw unwanted attention. The location of Suletta and Miorine becomes the focus of a Mobile Suit attack force as they strive to maintain the balance between their personalities, careers, and friendships. Episode 11 increasingly swings more toward space warfare while juggling uncomfortable humor and steadily increasing stress.

Although the GUND-ARM Inc. commercial is clumsy and endearing, its main point appeals to aspiring pilots and outcast Earthlings. As the ad becomes more well-known, it gathers followers and influences many people who now see Suletta as a fictitious superstar. But unfortunately for Suletta, Miorine, and their colleagues at GUND-ARM Inc., life is about to turn from complicated to chaotic.


The constant awkwardness of Suletta makes working at GUND-ARM Inc stressful.

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In a series of unfortunate events, Suletta clumsily tries to find her comfort zone in a new setting. Surrounded by people who care for her, Suletta seeks out Aerial as a source of comfort. Even though she doesn't mask her discomfort and awkwardness well, her comrades seem blissfully unaware of her growing pain. When she should be leaning further into her new friendships as conflict rises on the horizon, she hides until her mother and Miorine pull her out of her funk.

As a newfound target for adoration or to test skills, Suletta's life is growing more unpredictable daily. Unless she strengthens her bonds further, there will be complex dynamics to manage as conflicts grow more common. When she next takes Aerial out, her life will enter a new phase, as the battlefield is far more severe than her school day duels.


Guel and Shaddiq are headed toward each other

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Miorine and GUND-ARM Inc are using Plant Quetta, a development facility owned by the Benerit Group, only to find themselves in the crossfire when the Dawn of Fold attacks, hunting for Delling Rembran. The group has abducted Guel Jeturk along the way. Guel's attachment to Suletta and Miorine makes this an opportune time to solidify a partnership to defeat a mutual enemy and help all parties find better circumstances.

If Shaddiq hired Dawn of Fold to help Grassley gain control of Benerit Group, it will create a massive rift with Miorine. Even with positive intentions and peaceful nature, Shaddiq is backing himself into a corner through aggressive actions and picking the wrong side. Grassley will make tons of enemies if Miorine and Jeturk uncover their actions that risk many vital individuals' lives.


Witches From Mercury and Earth

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New Gundams enter the fray hailing from this rogue group. Dawn of Fold will challenge GUND-ARM Inc's path to redeem the machines while putting Suletta in new danger. Whether another Witch from Mercury survived and sold their skills to Earthians, creating these newfound Witches from Earth, or if this is a separate Gundam project, remains a mystery. Either way, it opens the doors for more complicated warfare.

Sophie, the most vocal Gundam pilot for Dawn of Fold, eagerly pursues the chance to meet Suletta. While she may adore Suletta's message from the Gundam commercial, Suletta will abhor the aggressive means that Sophie and her team lean on. These Gundam pilots and their inventors establish new rivals for Suletta, her mother and all of GUND-ARM Inc.

As the guerilla organization Dawn of Fold makes their move, the relationships between Earthians and Spacians grow increasingly convoluted. If these fringe Earthians see the light, drop their aggressive methods and support their fellow Earthians in GUND-ARM Inc, they could vastly alter the balance of power. However, they may instead follow dangerous orders from Grassley and continue to run amuck of Delling and, indirectly, Miorine and Suletta. In that case, they will push all involved parties closer to an all-out war.