The publication of Oshi No Ko dominates the spring of 2023. Aka Akasaka's drama illuminates the genuine nature of the entertainment industry while creating a fascinating revenge plot that captivates viewers. The characters in Oshi No Ko are complicated and intriguing, much like those in Akasaka's other notable book, Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War.


What genuinely distinguishes Oshi No Ko's lineup is how authentic its characters and their difficulties feel. Even when their journeys take them to terrible places, it's difficult not to cheer for Ruby and Aqua, and each side character has their own mini-arc to enrich both their character and viewers' relationship to them.

This article contains a suicide reference as well as minor Oshi No Ko manga spoilers.

10 Taishi Gotanda

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_0

Taishi Gotanda is an award-winning director and one of the few characters who is aware of Ruby and Aqua's true ancestors. Aqua's ability to enter the acting scene as he grows older is due to Taishi, and he is both aware of and supportive of Aqua's plot to exact revenge on Ai's killer.

Taishi takes on the role of Aqua's mentor and raises him following Ai's death. Taishi may not appear to be it, but he can be tremendously supportive when needed, assisting Aqua in regaining his confidence after a series of losses had him doubting his ability to fulfill his ambitions.

9 Frill Shiranui

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_1

Frill Shiranui's persona hasn't been developed much in Oshi No Ko, but she's a multi-talented entertainer who can act, dance, and sing. Ruby is a huge fan of hers and is overjoyed to find that Frill goes to the same school as the twins.

Frill Shiranui is a quiet but friendly young lady. She appears aloof, although she has a keen memory for other actors and their careers. Shiranui's overall presence in Oshi No Ko grows as the manga proceeds, however anime-only viewers will have to wait to fully appreciate her character.


8 Mem-Cho

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_2

Oshi No Ko delves deep into the entertainment sector, encompassing far more than simply the idol market, with Mem-Cho introducing viewers to the realm of internet influencers. Mem-Cho wanted to be an idol but had to give up her goals to support her family.

Mem-Cho instead becomes an online influencer, gaining followers on TikTok and YouTube. Mem-Cho recognizes the ruthlessness of the entertainment industry and dresses much younger than she is in order to attract more followers, refusing to allow her age prevent her from pursuing her aspirations in such a cutthroat environment.


7 Miyako Saitou

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_3

Miyako first appears self-centered, as she considers revealing Ai's secret for profit and is only interested with finding a wealthy, gorgeous husband. Following Ai's death, Miyako demonstrates a responsible and loving side by adopting the twins and ensuring their secret is kept hidden from the outside world.

Not only that, but Miyako keeps Strawberry Productions afloat long after B-Komachi disbands by shifting her focus to helping independent creators. Despite she fears that Ruby may face the same fate as Ai, Miyako loves her like a daughter and allows her to pursue her aspirations.


6 Akane Kurokawa

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_4

Akane Kurokawa, who first appeared in the Reality Dating Show arc, is quiet and reserved but diligent and hardworking. She is on the verge of committing suicide due to online criticism of her performance and personality, but Aqua saves her, earning her gratitude.

Akane possesses the amazing talent of being able to analyze and unearth intimate information about the person she is portraying while entering their head. She is the first character besides the Hoshinos to possess the recognizable starry eyes, which stand for her propensity to make falsehoods appear to be true.


5 Ruby Hoshino

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_5

Ruby Hoshino is the daughter of Ai and the reincarnation of Sarina Tendoji. She possesses her mother's good looks, confidence, and charm and isn't afraid to pursue her dreams of being an idol despite the tragedy that befell Ai. Ruby is also friendly and sociable, quickly making friends after entering high school.

Able to move past the trauma of losing Ai, Ruby wholeheartedly throws herself into keeping her mother's dream alive. Her indomitable spirit allows her to bounce back after rejection and revive B-Komachi, unwavering despite the risks and likelihood of failure.

4 Aquamarine Hoshino

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_6

The reincarnation of Gorou Amamiya, Aqua is deeply scarred from failing Ai not once but twice. He dies before birthing Ai's children, and then as Ai's reincarnated child, he is helpless when a stalker fatally attacks her. Aqua internalizes this much deeper than Ruby, devoting his existence to identifying and enacting revenge on Ai's killer.

To this end, Aqua becomes a cold, manipulative person who's willing to use those around him as pawns. He has a talent for acting, despite claiming the opposite, and Aqua still possesses a tender, caring side. This is shown through his support for Kana and his willingness to take action to save Akane's life.

3 Sarina Tendoji

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_7

Before being reincarnated as Ruby Hoshino, Sarina Tendoji lives life stuck in the hospital due to her condition. Essentially abandoned by her parents, the two things that keep Sarina's spirits high are her love of the famous idol Ai Hoshino and the interactions she has with her doctor, Gorou.


Despite being weak and falling every time she tries, Sarina still practices Ai's choreography and tries to refine her dance moves. She keeps her spirits high despite her circumstances and jumps at the chance to fully pursue her dreams of being an idol once she's reincarnated.

2 Kana Arima

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_8

Child prodigy Kana Arima is known for her ability to flick a crying switch on command. She has a foul mouth, with Kana's attitude being especially sour in her younger years, causing her to lose many job opportunities as she gets older.

Kana becomes more adaptable after this, learning to get along better with others while taking lesser opportunities to continue getting work. Even in the face of adversity, Kana constantly strives to better herself and her abilities, though she does suffer from low self-esteem due to feeling like she peaked as a young child.

1 Ai Hoshino

10 Best Oshi No Ko Characters, Ranked_9

Though Ai Hoshino is only alive for most of Oshi No Ko's first episode, her presence and impact are felt throughout the entire series. Due to Ai's past, she's never experienced true love in any form, performing as an idol in the hopes that she can love her fans and truly feel it.

Ai fully embraces motherhood alongside her idol work, confident she can juggle both while keeping the former a secret from the public. Her life is tragically cut short by an enraged stalker, but Ai is finally able to tell her children she genuinely loves them in her final, gut-wrenching moments.

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