One of many people's all-time favorite shojo romance series is Fruits Basket. Fans of the manga and the original anime adaptation from the early 2000s have been enthusiastic about the series ever since the rebooted anime adaptation debuted in 2019. The focus of the series is Tohru Honda's encounters with the cursed Sohma family members. The movie Fruits Basket displays a wide range of emotions, from the bittersweet to the downright depressing. Fans have grown to know and love the characters as the plot of the series has played out and have watched them change and evolve.

Naturally, among the Fruits Basket cast, Tohru and Kyo's romance is what most fans are interested in. To put it mildly, their initial meeting was a complete mess. Tohru was convinced for a long time that Kyo hated her due to his fiery temper. But after the misunderstandings were resolved, their bond grew stronger. Tohru's only constant supporter and source of comfort when she needed it was probably Kyo. When Tohru was coping with the death of her mother and her anxiety over being left alone, this was a huge help. As the series' central couple, the two experience many memorable moments together, some of which are startlingly disregarded by the majority of Fruits Basket devotees.


Zodiac Figurines Are Made By Tohru

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Tohru purchases supply to create zodiac figurines as a memento of their school trip. She chooses to make them instead of purchasing them outright and includes a cat as a sign of the zodiac in her set. Tohru had the impression that the zodiac set lacked the cat even before he knew Kyo. As she became friends with Kyo and began to feel attracted to him, this feeling only intensified.

It is heartbreaking that Kyo has been treated badly by the Sohma family because of the fact that he was born as the cat. Tohru always tried to find ways to give him a sense of inclusion. She would truly rejoice whenever there was a chance that Kyo might be added to the zodiac. The most admirable aspect of this scene was that Tohru never intended for anyone to see it. The fact that she was supposed to have this collection makes the scene even more innocent. When Kyo notices that the tiny cat figurine allowed him to express sincere happiness at being included.


Tohru's Worry About the Future

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Tohru is a kind girl filled with unconditional love and immense empathy. She helps the Sohma family work through their generational trauma and emotional problems without expecting anything in return. Because of this, Isuzu and Yuki view Tohru as the loving mother they never had. However, Tohru was just as lonely as them. Dealing with the pain of losing her only family was pushing her toward a breaking point. Kyo realizes how she is bottling up her feelings and tries to help her.

Tohru would tell him her worries, and Kyo would always find a way to cheer her up. When they were discussing their future after high school, Tohru panics and subconsciously grabs his bracelet. However, instead of being nervous that it would break, he responds kindly and even grabs her hand. It shows how the two trust each other. While Tohru trusts him enough that she can open up about herself, Kyo trusts Tohru with the burden of the curse and knows that even if the bracelet will break, she won't despise him.


The Roof is Where Tohru Weeps

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Tohru is the kind of person who delights in others' success and feels their sorrows. When she finds out how upset Arisa was to see Kureno, she decides to take a chance and break into the Sohma home to see if Kureno Sohma is the person Arisa has been looking for. Her assumption was accurate, and after telling him about Arisa, she discovers that Kureno has no desire to ever see Arisa again. She returns home dejected and sits on the roof while considering how upset Arisa would be. When Kyo discovers that she has been upset, she invites her to talk with her on the roof.

According to Tohru, when a person loves someone, they should want to be around them. This leads Kyo to believe Tohru has a crush on someone, which Tohru refutes. Kyo claims he will support her even if she does find someone to love. Tohru cried as a result of what he actually meant, which was that he couldn't be the one she would fall in love with. At that point, Kyo had already come to terms with his feelings for Tohru but knew he had to leave her because of his captivity. Thus, he decides to make the best use of the time he has left and support Tohru in every way possible. He never wanted Tohru to fall in love with him because he believed it would only lead to heartache.


Kyo Consents to Take Part in the Play

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In the second season of Fruits Basket, Tohru's class decide to organize a play based on the popular fairytale, 'Cinderella'. Kyo was assigned the role of the Prince, which he refused without a second thought. He stopped coming to rehearsals and boycotted everything about the festival just to get out of the play. When Yuki tries to convince him otherwise, he reacts strongly and walks away. Yet, the moment he sees Tohru sitting in the classroom waiting alone for him, he crumbles. Tohru tells him that the script has been revised and that he wouldn't mind playing this version of the prince.

Kyo wonders why she was waiting for him all alone, and what she was thinking all that time. Even though she knew that he may not come back to the class, she still waited for him. Kyo finally caves in and agrees to play the role of the prince. He puts his head on her shoulder as a way of giving up on his stubbornness. Kyo takes the script and shyly tells her not to laugh when she sees him on stage and walks ahead. Tohru follows him from behind, blushing.