Al meets different folks who assist him in various ways as he pursues his passion of farming and continues his inadvertent adventures, keeping things interesting and exciting. A fantasy journey wouldn't be complete without the main character experiencing a number of fateful encounters, and in Episode 5 of I've Somehow Got Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills (Farming Made Me Stronger), Al amusingly encounters yet another charming character.

Al wants to live a calm life as a farmer, but with new buddy added to his ever-expanding group of buddies, he finds himself thrust into a number of dramatic, risky scenarios. Thankfully, in addition to Al's immense power, each of his new allies has a special skill that comes in very handy on Al's journeys.


Who have met AI so far?

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Fans are first introduced to Al's best friend since childhood, Testa in Episode 1, "Foremost First-Rate Farmer". Living in the same village, Sils, close to the Royal Capital of Meigis, Testa is a fisherman that grew up with Al and often helps each other in their respective fields. Up to now, Testa is the only person to have seen Al's status thanks to being with him when Al maxed out all of his skills and his status evolved into one of ridiculous numbers. Despite this, Testa's attitude towards Al remains the same -- though this is mostly due to Al's dismissive attitude towards his power in favor of farming his fields.

Al only realizes the significance of his strengths when he saves the first Princess of Meigis, Fal-Ys Meigis, from being kidnaped on his way into the Royal Capital to sell his vegetables. Princess Fal-Ys explains to him that the heroes of legend had a status of less than a third of his own and Al vows to never show his status to anyone else to avoid the attention. Fal-Ys, however, recognizes Al's potential and stubbornly convinces him to work in the Capital as an adventurer in return for granting him a large plot of land to farm on, along with his farm in Sils.

The next character that Al comes across is the adventurer's guild receptionist, Helen Rean. After Fal-Ys finally persuaded Al to take on adventures as a side job to protect the citizens, Al finds himself sticking his nose into the ominous past that had been stalking Helen since her childhood. While saving Helen from the Malevolent Dragon Ouroboros, they form a friendship that helped to defeat the calamity-class dragon and survived -- with Helen gaining a convenient power-up.


Al is also introduced to the adventurers Jake, Lamia, and Luke, who he accidentally saved after throwing a carrot at the forest dragon that had been attacking them. Later on, Al ends up being saved by Jake from being assaulted by an orc. The trio is optimistic about Al and his strength, despite his insistence on being mainly a farmer and unfortunate luck with orcs, working with him to report their sighting of the Malevolent Dragon in the forest to the guild.

With many other encounters that livened up Al's slow-paced farming life, such as the guild master of the adventurer's guild, the ghost of Helen's younger brother, Rai, the mail carrier with the uncanny ability to find Al no matter where he was, Reaks, and the chaotic figures of his mother and father, Al's circle is only growing wider with each episode.


The Hero's Descendant Ruri

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Al runs into another fateful happening at the end of Episode 4, "The Farmer and The Live That Was Saved", when he experiences another unfortunate assault from an orc. He is saved by a passing Hero-in-training, the cute blue-haired hero, Ruri, and the two end up as traveling companions on the way to Lurugus, where Al's parents were living.

Al learns that Ruri's rough relationship with her family had led her to obsess over her role as a hero. Pressuring herself to become a champion like her ancestor, who defeated the demon lord Macbeth, Ruri is pleasantly surprised at how naturally Al worried about the dangers she put herself through -- both in battle and in how easily she suggested joining Al despite being a male stranger.

After they both arrive at Lurugus, Al offers to travel together again after their businesses were finished and Ruri enthusiastically agrees, though their reunion would come faster than either of them expected when they discover a demon and suspicious figure in the forest targeting Ruri. With more to come on this particular confrontation, the pair are in for more dangerous battles.


Al has already made many new friends that are bound to support him in the future, he continues his adventures and farming life. Still, with each new encounter, more exciting events follow as Al is dragged further away from the peaceful farming life he dreamed of, discovering more about himself and the people around him.