The following contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Engage Kiss, "Gentle Foolish Lies," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Engage Kiss is an exciting action/adventure anime found in the Summer 2022 anime season, and by now, the battle for the fate of Bayron City has reached its climax. All the chips are down in Episode 11, and the strongest fighters on both sides stand ready for one last battle. Protagonist Ogata Shu will probably miss out on it, though.

Up until now, Shu has been like a sleazy Shinra Kusakabe or Tanjiro Kamado, fighting Demons with his ally Kisara while awkwardly juggling his harem of three love interests. He is determined to get revenge on the series' antagonist Asmodeus for destroying his family -- but in Episode 11, Kisara denies him that chance and decides to face Asmodeus alone.

Shu, Kisara & the Heroes Barely Escape Asmodeus' Wrath

Engage Kiss: Kisara Must Face Asmodeus Alone in Episode 11 - Or Else_0

Episode 11 of Engage Kiss begins immediately where Episode 10 left off, with Shu, Kisara and Sharon the battle nun facing the true form of Asmodeus and the Demonic warrior Kanna, Shu's long-lost little sister. The battle in Episode 11's opening scenes is a fierce one, and not even the mighty Kisara can easily handle both Asmodeus' true form and the deadly spear that Kanna wields.

It's all Shu and Sharon can do to escape this Demonic battle with Ayano's helicopter, and then Mikhail uses his orbital weapon one last time to deal serious damage to Kanna and Asmodeus. It's a heavy blow that buys the heroes time to escape, but notably, this beam weapon cannot be fired anymore. Asmodeus is so powerful that it takes all this just to escape his wrath, which ups the stakes for the next battle. Kisara and Shu will have to come up with a new strategy if they intend to even survive the next fight, let alone win it.

The stakes increase further when Kisara, exhausted and injured from the battle with Asmodeus and Kanna, falls into a Demon's version of a coma in the hospital. She has no vital signs, just laying there like a mannequin with no sign that she will wake again. Most of Engage Kiss's heroes seemingly give up on Kisara and make plans to fight Asmodeus without her, but later in a private moment, Kisara indeed wakes again and speaks to Shu. She has a plan, but no one else will like it -- especially Shu himself -- so she must be careful and secretive about how she sets things into motion. She's been biding her time, and now, she takes a drastic step with her and Shu's Demonic contract.

Kisara Takes Drastic New Measures in Her Contract With Shu

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Kisara believes she has the strength necessary to deal with Asmodeus somehow -- especially if Kanna's temporarily defeated form remains on the ocean floor for now. With Kanna briefly out of the picture, this is Kisara's chance to strike, and she cannot afford to look after Shu or the others during the final fight. She must focus all her energies on fighting Asmodeus one on one, so she activates a certain clause with her and Shu's contract in the hospital that evening.

Flashbacks depict Shu giving Kisara a large, hard copy of their contract, which skews the entire deal in his favor to keep Kisara on a tight leash -- but not so fast. In other flashbacks, Kisara tinkers with the contract to suit her terms better, and in Episode 11 she makes use of that new clause. She formally removes Shu from their contract, bidding him farewell as his official contractual partner. Kisara even loses her memories of Shu in the process, but it's evidently worth it.

All this shows how practical and crafty Kisara can be. No matter her goofy antics or schoolgirl uniforms, she is a sinister Demon after all, a creature who can never be tamed or fully understood by mortal minds. Shu has been in over his head all this time, and he'd just get in the way in the final fight with Asmodeus, so Kisara deceives and denies him his chance at revenge. But she isn't doing this just for the sake of devilish trickery; she seems to genuinely care for Shu as well, and can't bear the thought of him being in mortal danger in the upcoming battle. She is sidelining him, even if it costs their relationship. That's how selfless Kisara can be, and it humanizes her a great deal. She's not such a monster after all.