Does One Piece Still Have Places for Koby and Smoker?

May 02, 2023
Neither Koby nor Smoker can possibly match Luffy's present strength, which raises the question of what their role in One Piece actually is.
Does One Piece Still Have Places for Koby and Smoker?

Luffy's path to becoming a Pirate King in One Piece has always been set in stone, though it is filled with roadblocks and dangers. That includes countless foes and a never-ending Marine pursuit. Smoker and Koby are two of the unusual ties Luffy has made among them. Even in One Piece, there may have been instances where both of them were referred to as his rivals. But as the Straw Hats' journey draws to a close, Luffy has overtaken them in terms of strength in battle and accomplishments. What exactly their current position is becomes a question as a result.

Smoker and Koby have both been a part of One Piece since its inception. Even before the rubber man met Zoro, Koby was Luffy's first friend. However, Koby decided to become a Marine officer rather than a pirate, which led to their early breakup. However, Koby has been gaining strength and is now regarded as a hero by the locals, just like his old friend. Smoker, meanwhile, has been described as Luffy's Marine adversary. Since Loguetown, the ex-Marine captain has been pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates and has run into them countless times. Smoker's power and influence have been growing, much like Koby's have.

Koby and Smoker Are Great Examples of What Marine Officers Should Be

Akainu attacking Koby in One Piece

Throughout One Piece, Koby and Smoker have both shown a morality that goes beyond their allegiance to the World Government and the Marine hierarchy. When directives conflict with their sense of justice and what is best for the people, they have been seen to willfully defy them.

For instance, Smoker joined forces with the Straw Hats to foil Crocodile's scheme in the "Alabasta" arc, against orders from above and despite Crocodile's purported immunity to Marine meddling. In a similar vein, Koby is prepared to disobey his superiors in order to uphold morality. He defied Admiral Akainu's orders to massacre innocent civilians during the Paramount War by refusing to do so. Additionally, despite the danger to his own life, he attempted to stop Akainu from killing Luffy. Koby has even gone as far as giving up his Marine code and joining SWORD.

Their actions demonstrate a deeper understanding of justice that goes beyond merely following the law. It is crucial to act in the public's best interests and avoid endangering their lives or general welfare in order to uphold the law.

Luffy and the Straw Hats Are Bound to Conquer the World

The Straw Hat Pirates donning Raid Suits in the One Piece manga.

As Luffy and his crew progress toward their goal of finding the One Piece and becoming Pirate King, they are bound to face stronger foes. Their actions have caused chaos and destruction and they have made enemies of powerful figures, including the World Government and the other Emperors. Despite this, they continue to move forward with unwavering determination and strength -- and they are now closer than ever to achieving their dreams.

The Straw Hats are already well-known throughout the entire world. They are even about to engage a large number of battleships on Egghead, and the World Government is continually keeping tabs on their whereabouts. They are, of course, not going to allow anyone stop them from sailing. They will eventually come face to face with the Marines. After all, it is improbable that the World Government will stand by while any pirate crew obtains the One Piece and declares its commander to be the Pirate King.

There is also the matter of the Celestial Dragons. It's a well-known fact that the Straw Hat Pirates are not fond of the so-called World Nobles. They've even gone as far as beating them up on multiple occasions. With the World Government setting their sights on Sabo -- framing him for Nefertari Cobra's supposed death -- the Straw Hats are bound to face them once more. Luffy isn't just going to watch another one of his brothers meet their demise.

Koby and Smoker Represent the Future of the Marines

Smoker in One Piece

The world will probably be flipped upside down once the Straw Hat Pirates have achieved all of their goals. Considering that Luffy would then be the Pirate King, the Marines might be decimated, or possibly the entire globe will lose faith in the government. The Marines would have to reclaim their strength and position because Luffy only cared about the freedom that comes with the title. They will probably still maintain justice and social order, but their top leaders will probably change. Koby and Smoker will be useful in this situation.

As mentioned earlier, both Marine officers prioritize the good of the people over the laws of the land. This philosophy sets them apart from the rest of the Marines, who are often seen as corrupt and oppressive. Throughout their journey, Koby and Smoker have witnessed the flaws and shortcomings of the system they work under. They have seen unjust treatment of innocent people by higher-ups and the immorality of their laws. By working toward re-establishing justice, Koby and Smoker can be the catalyst for positive change within the Marines and the world as a whole. More importantly, they both have the power to make it happen.

Koby has been working closely with Garp, with the latter even proclaiming him as the future of the Marines. Similarly, Smoker has been climbing the Marines' rank with Tashigi. He is the commander of the rowdy G-5 Marine base, but has also been promoted to the position of vice admiral -- the same position as Garp. Both Koby and Smoker are ready to step up and create positive change in One Piece's world when they get the opportunity.

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