There is no true equal to the Demon Slayer's God of Festivals. Officially recognized as Tengen Uzui and the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corp, The God of Festivals is the flashiest anime character to ever make it onscreen.

This pillar of the Demon Slayer Corp puts his personality on display without caution. By lifting his voice for the masses to hear, decorating himself in jewels, and recruiting beautifully unique allies, Tengen makes flamboyancy seem commonplace. He, and a bevy of other flashy anime characters, remind viewers that flamboyancy is as natural as it is admirable.

10 The Flame Hashira's Fire Burns As Bright As It Does Quick

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Though Demon Slayer's Tengen holds claim over the title of the flashiest pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Rengoku takes a close second place. The Flame Hashira's golden red hair and burning red eyes are complimented by a bold, loud voice.

When fans are first introduced to Rengoku he can be heard loudly admiring the taste of his food in a train car full of passengers. After this, he quickly welcomes Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke into his party before putting on a fiery display of action that was so flashy it earned its own stand-alone movie.

9 The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer Pairs Flashiness With An Overpowered Cursed Technique

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According to Jujutsu Kaisen's Nobara, nothing is creepier than an adult who gets overly excited. While this may be true in some cases, it couldn't be any further from the truth in the case of Satoru Gojo.

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen will have a hard time forgetting the way Gojo dismantled Jogo's assault in Season 1. Watching the white-haired sensei verbally explain his cursed technique in front of a special grade cursed spirit was almost as entertaining as the pure infinity that he created moments later. It doesn't seem to matter where the plot goes in JJK — Gojo demands the attention of any character that has heard his name, seen his face, or recognized the extent of his power.

8 Black Star Proudly Wears The Scars Of His Past On His Sleeve

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"I will be the man who will surpass god." These are the words Soul Eater's Black Star uses to describe himself to anyone within shouting range. The powerful young weapon meister may sound delusional and self-absorbed, but the conviction behind his voice proves that he believes these words without a shadow of a doubt.

As the plot of Soul Eater develops, it becomes more and more clear that Black Star's flashy behavior comes as a result of his troubled past. After losing his entire family to DWMA Meisters, Black Star joined DWMA with his Star Clan mark proudly displayed on his right shoulder. This alone could be considered flashy and bold — but swearing to overcome god is something else.

7 Hisoka Marrow Adds Showmanship & Style To His Arsenal Of Tricks

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The showmanship of Hisoka Marrow is unmatched in the world of Hunter X Hunter. By putting on the guise of a clown, Hisoka demands that viewers keep their eyes on him at all times.

Hisoka's flashy disguise is so successful that fans continue to gawk over the powerful nen wielder despite his pedophilic and masochistic behavior. It doesn't seem to matter whether Hisoka tiptoes the line of villain and anti-hero — as long as he continues to explain that Bungee Gum has the qualities of both rubber and gum every time he uses it, fans will continue to love him.

6 Asuka Carries Her Head Higher Than Any Of Her Peers

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Despite the fact that she had no relation to the Commander of the Evangelion Initiative and was introduced after Rei and Shinji, Neon Genesis Evangelion's Asuka stands far ahead of her counterparts in terms of popularity and reliability.

The red-headed German pilot quickly overcomes her narrative handicaps by putting on a flashy display of action in the middle of the ocean with Eva Unit 2. Following this, Asuka puts her voice ahead of anyone that dares question her and even disobeys direct orders from Gendo Ikari in order to prove her strength.

5 All Might Is Here & Makes It Abundantly Clear

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In All Might's prime, the former number 1 hero stood tall as a beacon of hope for the entire country of Japan. At every appearance, My Hero Academia's All Might would proudly declare "I am here" so that those calling on him for help would know that they were safe. Top this with a pointed hair style and flashy costume and fans have a hero that lives up to each and every expectation they have for the number 1 hero.

4 Nuktuk Hero Of The South Is A Verified Mover Phenom

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Mako might have more luck attracting the attention of his female costars, but dedicated The Legend of Korra fans know that Bolin is the real catch. What Bolin lacks in tact he makes up for in style.

Unfortunately, Bolin's style goes largely unrecognized until he joins hands with his equally flashy partner Varrick. With Varrick's help, Bolin becomes the first star of the mover industry. Bolin also earns some flashy points for learning the art of lavabending just in time to save Mako, Asami, and Tenzin's life.

3 Captain Ginyu Forces His Flashiness Onto His Subordinates

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The Ginyu Force has fallen out of the public eye since their debut in Dragon Ball Z, but this doesn't mean that Ginyu and his merry band of killers have been forgotten.

Since their debut in the Namek Saga, the Ginyu Force has remained in the subconscious of every dedicated Dragon Ball fan. Dragon Ball Super even borrows from the flashy Ginyu Force with new groups like the Pride Troopers and the warriors from Universe 2.

2 Khun Aguero Agnes Flashes His Brilliance & Wealth To Pull Attention Away From Bam

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Tower of God's Khun carries himself with a tempered flashiness that is both admirable and attractive. The best example of Khun's flashy behavior is during the Crown Game in Season 1.

In order to help his new friend Bam, Khun comes up with a plot that casts him as the primary target then redirects his enemies by duplicating the crown in his magic briefcase. The ability to direct his flashiness with such a fine-pointed subtlety is what makes Khun Aguero Agnes one of the flashiest characters in anime.

1 The Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, Stands Proud As The God Of Festivals

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There is no man flashier than the God of Festivals himself, Tengen Uzui. After leaving his family and the Shinobi clan that raised him, Demon Slayer's Tengen paved his own path as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

With the combination of his Sound Breathing Techniques and shinobi training, Tengen managed to quickly rise to the rank of Hashira. Along this path, Uzui married three different women, trained two mice to serve as his sidekicks, and learned to live his life without any regrets.

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