Since instantly becoming a fan favorite in Demon Slayer's 2019 debut, protagonist Tanjiro Kamado has faced challenge after challenge throughout his time in the Demon Corps. Despite every grueling battle against formidable opponents, Tanjiro has managed to maintain an optimistic outlook on demons.

Ever since his younger sister Nezuko was transformed from human to demon, Tanjiro has been on a difficult journey to restore her humanity. He's shown many demons to their deaths in this time and has done so with empathy and sensitivity, something many other demon slayers lack. This compassion Tanjiro displays toward demons is part of something bigger -- and Nezuko is the key.

Nezuko Fuels Tanjiro's Belief That All Demons Have Humanity Within

Demon Slayer: Tanjiro's Empathy Toward Demons Is a Coping Mechanism _0

Tanjiro's empathy has a remarkable scope, with very few people exempt from it. While the protagonist could just be a genuinely kind and pure-hearted person, it's more likely there's another side to Tanjiro's unending ability to see the best in people, or demons. Many fans believe his empathy is a coping mechanism, helping him through the tragic loss he's experienced.

The time skip at the very beginning of Demon Slayer meant fans didn't see Tanjiro go through any type of grieving period following the death of his family. From what does get shown, Tanjiro is coping well -- even better than expected for someone who experienced the loss of everyone he held dear.

Tanjiro surely did grieve his family's massacre at the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji, but one person anchored him and gave him strength even in the face of tragedy: Nezuko. She kept her brother steady and even gave him a goal to focus on which deflected his grief. Throughout Demon Slayer's early arcs, Tanjiro is furnished with a drive to save Nezuko and restore her human form, protecting the only surviving piece of his family.

Tanjiro's empathy toward demons stems from his fixation on saving Nezuko. If he doesn't believe there's something worth saving in all demons, what can be said about his little sister? He is at a point where he has to believe demons are worthy of the same love as humans because if he doesn't, Nezuko would be lost. If he didn't believe all demons have some humanity within them, Tanjiro might be forced to face that his sister is the same.

Tanjiro Wants to Save Others From the Trauma He Experienced

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The thought of Nezuko being gone would wreak havoc on Tanjiro. He would lose the one thing anchoring him in his grief -- the resolve to save his sister. This is why, despite everything, he must believe that all demons are deserving of his empathy. He has to continue searching for humanity within demons or else he risks losing everything.

Tanjiro has been through so much at such a young age, experiencing serious loss and endlessly training as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps all for Nezuko. He doesn't want anyone else to endure the kind of trauma he had to, and this shines through his character. Tanjiro Kamado understands the personal impact of such a tragedy and goes out of his way to help those he feels he can, demon or not. It's a truly noble and heroic act.