It's not surprising that many of Demon Slayer's characters are viewed with the utmost contempt by the fandom given that a sizable portion of the show's cast consists of demons. Although the level of their moral rot varies from character to character, these villains have no morals at all.


While some demons may not care about killing children, others may revel in torturing and mutilating their helpless victims before taking their own lives. However, the Demon Slayer Corps' existence is justified by the general demonic attitude displayed in Demon Slayer. However, there is a human character whose actions are particularly despised by fans.

Koyoharu Gotouge'sDemon Slayer is arguably one of the most recognisable manga series of the last decade, selling 150 million volumes in four years. The anime is equally popular, and the overall franchise has spawned a slew of manga spin-offs, light novels, and the blockbuster film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. As a result, we've updated our list of Demon Slayer's most despised characters.

The following article contains Demon Slayer manga spoilers.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_0

Akaza mocks those he considers weak and vulnerable, even enemies as powerful as the Flame Hashira. Kyojuro Rengoku, to his chagrin, gives him the fight of a lifetime, forcing Akaza to reconsider his arrogance. The desire to become the strongest of the Kizuki, on the other hand, throws him into a sea of conflict with his superiors. Nonetheless, it is Akaza's cunning and deception that make him such a despicable character.

After losing to Kyojuro Rengoku, Akaza flees shamelessly into the dark safety of a nearby forest, causing Tanjiro to cry. However, Akaza's attempt at redemption prior to his death allows viewers to reconsider his personality.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_1

The only reason Zenitsu doesn't receive even more fan hatred is that he isn't a demon and thus doesn't want to maim, murder, and feed on humans. With the exception of this trait, Zenitsu's overall degeneracy is a minor source of conflict in the story, particularly in light of his interest in Nezuko, Tanjiro's younger sister.

Zenitsu may be an overpowered sleepwalker, but he is still an abject invertebrate with a penchant for dramatic overreaction. On a more positive note, Zenitsu earned the respect of the manga fandom for his bravery during the final arcs. Still, anime fans will have to wait to see him put his newfound honour to use.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_2

Muzan deprives Kyogai of his status, so he spends his time hunting down and devouring "marechi" to improve the fighting prowess of his Blood Demon Art. His desperation frequently borders on the pathetic, which explains why some fans feel sorry for this villain.

Despite adhering to strict social protocol, Kyogai does not behave as violently as his cohorts, displaying a gentle side that few demons possess. Nonetheless, Kyogai's desire for Muzan's attention drives him to commit heinous crimes such as murdering innocent children. In the end, he's the same as the rest of them.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_3

Rui's introduction leaves audiences with a bad taste in their mouths, but he's not even close to being as barbaric as many of the Twelve Kizuki. Despite this, Rui is not a boy scout due to his lack of bloodlust. On the contrary, he takes pleasure in watching his prey succumb to his overwhelming strength.

Rui's innate desire for a loving family manifests itself in an ironically heartbreaking way, as he treats them with the same malice as he treats his human opponents. In fact, the Mother Spider Demon rejoices at her death at Tanjiro's hands, demonstrating Rui's negative influence even further.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_4

Enmu's eagerness to inflict violence on his victims is especially vexing, especially when viewers realise that he tortures his minions into doing his bidding in exchange for improving the quality of his dreams. This villain is unconcerned about his demon companions, and even enjoys their deaths.

Enmu openly enjoys his opponents' agonised expressions as they are about to die, a clear indication that he feeds off their anguish and misery. When Tanjiro dispatched this villain, fans were overjoyed.

Daki and Gyutaro

Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_5

Daki and Gyutaro adore each other above all else, but they treat the rest of the world with contempt. Daki's arrogance and Gyutaro's pettiness make for odd bedfellows. The siblings are so reliant on each other that they both hold the Upper Rank Six position among Muzan's Demon Moons.

Fans may sympathise with Gyutaro's feelings for his younger sister, but their actions turn them into heinous monsters. On a bittersweet note, Gyutaro and Daki's souls walk willingly into Hell after accepting their fates.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_6

Slasher is a minor character, but his voracious appetite for human flesh and brazen sense of brutality rivals that of several higher-ranking demons. He attacks people even when he is not hungry, preferring to mutilate and mangle his victims rather than let them die in peace.

Slasher also loses interest in his prey quickly, implying that he prefers to make a game of his hunting sessions. The Flame Hashira dispatches Slasher, putting the villain in his place and saving countless lives in the process.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_7

Kaigaku's reckless exterior conceals his true nature as a self-centered coward with no empathy for anyone who isn't him. He allows several orphans to be brutally violated in order to keep himself safe, an obscene act of self-preservation.

Kaigaku has the gall to criticise others for perceived flaws while conveniently ignoring his own numerous flaws. This blatant hypocrisy explains why the Demon Slayer fandom despises Kaigaku. He doesn't even know how to die with dignity, screaming helplessly as his physical form crumbles.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_8

The worst thing about Doma is the imperceptibly fine line that separates his glamorous charm from his unmitigated brutality. He is astute enough to recognise the importance of strategic planning while dismissing human fighters as a serious threat to his martial prowess.

Doma enjoys inflicting pain, even if the target is himself, demonstrating that his core personality is irreparably damaged. Doma eventually confesses to his role in the murder of Inosuke Hashibara's mother, Kotoha, a confession that effectively seals his fate.


Demon Slayer: The 10 Most Disliked Characters, Ranked_9

Muzan Kibutsuji is objectively and subjectively the worst demon in Demon Slayer. Everyone, including his most devoted subordinates, is terrified of him, especially given his volatile temper. However, his unpredictability would not have been a problem if he hadn't also been a malicious entity.

Muzan considers himself to be a transcendent entity, whose power and majesty dwarf those around him. Ironically, it is his incurable arrogance that leads to his undoing. Muzan refuses to admit his flaws, but is more than willing to pass judgement based on egoism and dishonesty.