The value of family is one of Demon Slayer's main themes. The sibling bond that unites Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado motivates their behavior throughout the story. It is crucial that readers keep in mind that it was their mother, Kie Kamado, who instilled these values in them. Since she was killed off-screen at the start of the series, not much is known about her, but her influence is undeniable. Here's a quick summary of all the data we currently know about Kie to give you a better idea of how she affected the story and characters of Demon Slayer.

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What principles did Kie teach Tanjiro and Nezuko?

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In Demon Slayer, kind and considerate, Kie Kamado always wanted what was best for her kids. She was left to raise a total of six children, including Tanjiro and Nezuko, alone after her husband Tanjuro passed away. Not even mentioning the Kamado family's basic living arrangements. Her children's words and deeds largely reflect how she treated her family.

Tanjiro's mother taught him a lot about kindness and patience with people. As the oldest son, Tanjiro was second only to his mother in terms of responsibility. They always try to be the adults in the room and approach the situation with compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others, regardless of who is trying to cause trouble for these two.

Nezuko was also motivated by her mother's generosity and devotion to her family. She felt just as responsible for everyone else's well-being as Tanjiro did as the family's eldest daughter. Most people would have simply caved in to their primal urges and even eaten their own kin, but this love was strong enough to give her the motivation to aid Tanjiro even after she turned into a demon. She was eventually put under a spell that made her see other people as her family, making her want to protect them and not harm them.


Kie's Impact on the Story Continues After Her Death

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Nezuko and Tanjiro's struggle against Rui in the Mount Natagumo Arc made good use of her desire to defend her family. She awoke her Blood Demon Art after hearing her mother's ghost implore her to defend Tanjiro.

For the rest of their lives, Tanjiro and Nezuko will probably continue to be influenced by their mother. Even in the absence of Muzan's threat or the requirement to restore Nezuko's humanity, the lessons they learned from her will continue to influence them. Even though Kie is no longer with us, her spirit and influence on her children are still very much alive.