The villains in Demon Slayer are all flesh-eating demons who freely prey on humans, and they have a wide range of tactics and skills. Due to their special blood skills, some demons are far more powerful and successful as predators, but Rui and Daki also emphasize their hunting techniques and mindset.

Rui's new family in the forest had a strong spider theme, allowing demon slayers to stumble into his webs and get tangled up before dying. Rui, on the other hand, resembled a spider. Daki, the Upper Moon 6, was a genuine ambush predator, having eight limbs and an invisible web to catch her victim. Daki didn't consider herself a spider, but she was more of one at heart than Rui had ever been, partially because she so desperately wanted to be one.

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Daki's Spiderweb Is Precisely Where It Should Be

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In Demon Slayers, all demons need to consume human flesh and blood to survive, though some are far more proactive and practical about this hunger than others are. Some, such as the Swamp Demon, use clever tactics to confuse or capture their targets, while others like Akaza and Rui are more concerned about their lifestyle as creatures of the night than regularly hunting. Despite his clear spider theme, Rui isn't much of a hunter because his spider clan and their webs are deep in a forest, where humans are less likely to visit in large numbers. By contrast, Daki established herself as a major player in the popular Entertainment District, a place of endless crowds.

Daki functions more like a spider-themed villain than Rui does for several reasons, starting with her better choice for a home base. Spiders need to build their webs any place where a decent number of insects may be found, and sure enough, Daki's own "web" is where humans are found in abundance. In addition, her lair is hidden underground where no one except the unusually flexible Inosuke can find it.


Spiders are all about ambushes, traps and secrecy, and Demon Slayer's Daki does all this effectively despite being hidden in plain view. She doesn't need the remoteness of Rui's forest home to conceal her actions as the best spider-themed demon. And as a beautiful and widely respected oiran, Daki finds it easy to lure in people she wishes to consume, rather than Rui's spider family members who would scare people off with their appearance.

Daki's strength is superior to Rui's, however ideally she won't even have to utilize it, making her a more potent spider. Rui was the Lower Moon 5, while Daki and her brother Gyutaro were the Upper Moon 6; each had four sharp-edged, supernatural cloth belts and the capacity to grow longer and move more freely. With those belts, Daki has eight limbs in total, making him a real Demon Slayer spider. They even serve as a web she may use to capture slayers like Tanjiro and Inosuke while she is on the go.


Daki from Demon Slayer Thinks Like a True Predator

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Daki has the demonic might and the smart strategies to be the spider-themed hunter in Demon Slayer, but she needs more than that to succeed as a demon. Despite the fact that she and Rui are both Moons, they are completely different individuals on the inside and have very different aspirations for their life. Rui may be a fearless warrior skilled in the use of blood arts, but his true aspirations are for good health and a family that will welcome him. His horrible human past, when he had a frail physique and his parents attempted to kill him once he turned into a demon, was what he was fleeing from.

Daki, in contrast, is a combative himedere who seeks admiration and respect for her strength and beauty. She even opened a store in the neighborhood where she was born, the Entertainment District. Daki actively distances herself from her poor and powerless human self, seeking approval as a strong hunter who can always have her way. She never considered acting or looking like a spider to achieve this, but she actually did, all because she had an insatiable appetite and the haughty confidence to support it.